Keep WILD weird, but always ask consent

These are aspects of the WILD experience that we simply must accept. Here is what we won’t accept this year: weird WILD touching.

| Managing Editor

It’s on us to get consent

While pop culture gives us an influential and problematic script, it’s not pop culture’s fault when we don’t seek consent. It’s on us as individuals to take that one moment to seek clear and enthusiastic consent; we as individuals have the power to flip the script on the media’s norms.

Austin Sweeney | Sexual & Relationship Violence Prevention Specialist

Rape: Listen, don’t blame

Last week, Student Life published an article telling the story of a rape survivor, fictionally named “Rachel” to protect her identity. For those unfamiliar with the article, a brief summary will hopefully suffice: As a sophomore, Rachel woke up naked after a night out at Morgan Street in the bed of a senior whose advances she had rejected the previous weekend and felt pain in her vaginal region. She had blacked out and could not remember what had happened the night before.

| Staff Columnist

Two years after Myers rape, no clear picture of sexual assault

Two years ago last Thursday, a man tailgated into Myers Hall, forced his way into the room of a female student and raped her. The case—which to most students is now known as “the Myers incident”—is the only case of stranger rape at Washington University in recent memory, and for many students has become synonymous with the problem of sexual assault on campus.

| Student Life Staff