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WU should help support competition groups

This Tuesday, Student Union Treasury unveiled a proposal to revamp the process by which student competition groups appeal for funding. Under the proposal, groups would appeal to a Competition Committee in the spring that would then decide which, if any, requests it wanted to fund.

Competition: important, but not everything

Welcome! To those returning, it’s great to be back in St. Louis, right? To those who are here for the first time, it’s great to be in St. Louis. Just you wait and see.

| Senior Forum Editor

‘The Sing Off’ is an a cappella frenzy

Last year, the world (or at least a few million viewers) watched as a group of Puerto Rican men beat out college boys for an amazing prize: first place in NBC’s a cappella competition, “The Sing Off.” Now, we get to watch it happen all again in season two.

| TV Editor

My saga of competitive Team Fortress 2: The introduction

There used to be a time when I thought that I was good at “Team Fortress 2.” Those days are long past, and now I sit at home nursing my still-bruised ego. You see, I just made the mistake of competing against people better than me. It’s a mistake I’ll never make again.

| Video Games Editor

WU-Slam competes against national team

On Wednesday, Sept. 15, Washington University’s Edison Theatre will host a heated battle between Washington University’s WU-Slam Performance Crew and the Denver based Slam Nuba team. Six of Wash. U.’s own will compete against the nationally recognized, award-winning slam poetry troupe.

| Scene Reporter

Stepping into the spotlight

When you think of dance, you may think of ballroom, salsa or even hip-hop. While it may not be as well known as other types, step, a form of performing that includes stomping, clapping and making noise on the body to create a beat, has quietly been on the rise at Washington University through the non-Greek step team, WUStyle.

| Online Editor

Calvinball goes “boink” on campus

“No sport is less organized than Calvinball!” says a Calvin and Hobbes strip. Now the game without rules, beloved by many and understood by few, comes from Bill Watterson’s acclaimed comic strip to Washington University.

| Contributing Reporter