BREAKING: SPB to hold additional comedy show with Alice Wetterlund

Alice Wetterlund will headline a Social Programming Board comedy show, SPB announced today.

| Editor-in-Chief

Allow students to elect SPB Exec, create accountability

With yet another white male brought to campus as part of Social Programming Board’s comedy series, it is now abundantly apparent that SPB’s survey system does not favor diverse acts. To counter this trend our editorial board recommends that positions on Social Programming Board become an elected instead of appointed.

H. Jon Benjamin takes Graham Chapel stage

H Jon Benjamin, the voice behind animated comedy characters Bob Belcher from “Bob’s Burgers” and Sterling Archer from “Archer,” delivered a performance that dove into everything from diversity in comedy to President Donald Trump in Graham Chapel Wednesday night.

Bailey Winston | Contributing Reporter

H. Jon Benjamin to headline SPB spring comedy show

Comedian H. Jon Benjamin, known for his work as a writer and voice actor for “Bob’s Burgers” and “Archer,” will headline Social Programming Board’s Feb. 15 spring comedy show.

| Senior News Editor

‘SNL’ comes to Wash. U. again and for once that’s not the bad part

In the echoed opening of Graham Chapel, around 400 people sat in pews Thursday night listening to early 2000s jams as we waited for the fall comedy show to begin.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

John Mulaney to headline SPB Spring Comedy Show

Comedian John Mulaney will perform at Washington University this spring, Social Programming Board announced Sunday night.

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The best of SPB’s spring 2015 WILD and comedy survey

If you’re still stumped on how to rank the choices, Cadenza has picked both the artists and comedians we’d like to see come to campus next semester.

What would Ron Swanson say?

As we all know, comedian Nick Offerman will be performing in Edison Theatre this Sunday night. Excited as we are for his performance, one can’t help but wonder what his “Parks and Recreation” alter ego, the mustachioed legend Ron Swanson, would think of our school. From academics to social life, what impression would Washington University leave on him?

Kimberly Henrickson | Contributing Writer

CollegeHumor writer mocks Graham Chapel

The original writer held nothing back in his comedy show Wednesday night at Graham Chapel, using the ironic venue as a supplement to his controversial act.