College of Arts and Sciences introduces focus groups to reduce student stress

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Jen Smith is running focus groups on the various sources behind student stress. Smith decided to form the focus groups after results of a survey indicated that stress and anxiety had risen among the undergraduate study body.

Grace Stohr | Contributing Writer

Op-ed: Remembering Dean McLeod

Our greatest resource as a University remains in special individuals and relationships that affect positive change. One special person who changed my life and many others was Dean Jim McLeod.

Zach Linneman | Class of 2011

A breakdown of faculty diversity in the College of Arts & Sciences

With nearly 70 percent of all undergraduates enrolled in this division, the Arts & Sciences faculty have a unique responsibility of forming the bedrock of the education of Washington University students.

| Staff Reporter

A close look at the Honorary Scholars program

Students in WU/FUSED and the Diversity Affairs Council might be pushing for more financial aid, but Washington University offers both need-based and merit scholarships.

| Staff Reporter

Save me from study abroad

The search for a study abroad program is a difficult process, a process that Wash. U. doesn’t make any easier. In the last five months I have spent countless hours and immeasurable effort researching possible study abroad opportunities. And less than one month before abroad applications for the spring of 2011 are due, I’m still without any concrete plan.

| Forum Editor