Your First 40 freak-outs: What to wear

Before coming to Washington University, I had worn the same green plaid skirt every day of my school career. But even those who didn’t wear a uniform in high school are probably wondering if there is some unofficial uniform on the Wash. U. campus. The answer is no.

| Senior Scene Editor

New Armour Magazine highlights students’ sartorial expression

armour. make a statement. This is the first thing you will see upon visiting the blog of the newest publication to hit campus, Armour Magazine. Headed by rising seniors Jacob Lenard, Felicia Podberesky and Chantal Strasburger, what started as an online blog has already attracted an impressive number of fans and followers.

Hot seams

Teal and light brown make a perfect color combination for spring. Ruffles and feminine details are an excellent way to soften more masculine footwear.

| Fashion Columnist

Staying stylish in the snow

I’ll preface this by saying that even I haven’t been the best example of chic style during the winter months. Though you’ll never find me in the sweatpants-and-Ugg-boot uniform (sorry if that’s your thing), I haven’t exactly made any effort to look stylish.

| Scene Fashion Columnist

Clothed by another nation

So the holiday season is finally behind us. Back to work. Before we know it, spring will be here, and we’ll be forgetting about the cold, dreary weather that seems to suck the life out of people. Hey, there are actual studies that prove this!

| Staff Columnist

The fratty phenomenon

[media-credit name="Courtesy of Michael Fink" align="alignright" width="300"][/media-credit] According to many students, Washington University has a very distinct fraternity culture—in that it doesn’t really have a “fraternity culture” at all. But that hasn’t kept hundreds of Wash. U.

Hot Seams: ‘I have nothing to wear!’

As the Bruce Springsteen song goes, “There was 57 channels and nothin’ on.” How many times have you opened your closet door and uttered the words, “I have nothing to wear,” while staring into a sea of perfectly acceptable clothes that you bought, and at one point, convinced yourself that you’d just die without? Example: I was in a friend’s room the other day helping her get ready.

| Scene Fashion Columnist

Wounded Bird: Revamped Vintage

Winding through downtown St. Louis, I had no idea what I could expect when I first made that left turn onto Cherokee Street. Set in a quiet residential area just southeast of St. Louis University, the street is home to several trendy boutiques offering everything from party planning services to home decorating.

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