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Bear Discounts plans to expand vendors, clientele

Bear Discounts, a Washington University student-run business and member of the Student Entrepreneurial Program, plans on adding more vendors in the Delmar Loop, Clayton, the Central West End and downtown St. Louis areas.

Julia Arbanas | Contributing Reporter

Chill Frozen Yogurt closes down weeks shy of fourth anniversary

The frozen yogurt station at Paws & Go may see a surge in business this spring. Chill Frozen Yogurt, located southwest of campus on Wydown Boulevard, will be closing its doors on March 2.

| Associate Editor

Forum gathers community to discuss WU’s ‘social contract’

Three Washington University faculty gave global issues a St. Louis flavor at a packed town-hall-style event Wednesday evening. Professor of medicine William Powderly, professor emeritus of botany Peter Raven and Provost Holden Thorp offered perspectives on the strengths afforded and the challenges facing the St. Louis region and worldwide.

Peter Jones | Contributing Reporter

Stepping Out: Half & Half

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I would venture to say that while breakfast is a beloved meal, the classic breakfast cuisine is best enjoyed mid-day or even in the evening. That is why I have always found it frustrating that breakfast and brunch cafés never remain open past 3 p.m.

Food-free activities in Clayton, MO

We know sometimes you can get sick of eating but still want to go out. Clayton offers some alternative activities to eating too.

| Editor in Chief

Clayton, MO

Washington University sits on a corner of Clayton, and students wishing to visit its heart need only travel west along Forsyth Blvd. to reach it. Downtown Clayton is a business district, and most of its establishments cater to that crowd.

| Editor in Chief

Clayton domestic partnership registry greeted with lukewarm reception

A domestic partnership registry approved in Clayton last week has been greeted with tepid response from the local community. The legislation passed by the city’s board of aldermen on Wednesday entitles monogamous partners, regardless of sexual orientation, to the same rights as married couples at all city-owned facilities.

| News Editor

Clayton passes anti-discrimination law, other municipalities should do the same

The city of Clayton recently took a step forward in equal rights and opportunities, passing an ordinance that prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation. While we commend this change and the future similar legislation, we wish that other St. Louis County municipalities had similar ordinances.

Pomme Café & Wine Bar

Looking for a step up from St. Louis Bread Co. or Crazy Bowls and Wraps that won’t break your budget? Pomme Café & Wine Bar is the place for you. A neighbor of its more elegant, and more expensive, parent establishment Pomme Restaurant, Pomme Café & Wine Bar offers a simple but delicious menu of salads, small plates and sandwiches that are sure to please any palate.

| Stepping Out Columnist

Clayton Sushi Crawl

You may think a “Wash. U. Roll” will satiate your sushi cravings, but you shouldn’t settle for it. Just a few minutes’ drive away in Clayton are three decidedly different takes on raw fish.

| Scene Columnist