Senior Staff Q&A

Senior Staff Advice Whether a three-year veteran of Washington University or just 12 months removed from the first stay on campus, every member of Student Life’s staff has been a new student at some point. We have all had our highs and our lows, and we are eager to share our thoughts on surviving—and enjoying!—the freshman experience.

A Q&A With Wash. U. Administrators

Few people truly know the man behind the double-breasted suit and swanky “Chancellor” title. But who is this “Mark Wrighton” who is leading our great University? What do we actually know about the scientist whose most widely cited achievement is helping develop chemicals in a plastic light-up stick?

Undergraduate applications see 10 percent increase

While Washington University saw a 10 percent increase in applicants from last year, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions reduced the University’s rate of admission by nearly 10 percent to ensure their target freshman enrollment is not exceeded.