Audiophiles: Vintage country Christmas

Here’s a list of Christmas and holiday songs that have an early country-style flavor to them, so you can yearn for the vast expanses of the American West while also keeping your holiday spirit aflame.

Elizabeth Phelan | Staff Writer

Staff list: Holiday gifts for everyone on your ‘nice’ list

It’s post-Black Friday craze—the gift-giving season is upon us.

A guide to holiday shopping at the WU Campus Bookstore

We’re almost there. The semester is near its end, and consequently, you are so close to not having to think about school for one blissful month. But you know what that means? You have to start thinking about holiday gifts. Luckily for you, we have taken the time to compile a list of great gifts from the bookstore.

The Cadenza guide to holiday music

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it’s socially acceptable to bump your favorite holiday songs for all to hear. Here’s what Cadenza will be playing for the rest of the holiday season.

TV Review: ‘The Great Christmas Light Fight’

There’s no shortage of holiday programming on TV right now—from ABC Family’s “25 Days of Christmas” to the requisite Christmas episodes of all your favorite shows, there are myriad ways to get in the holiday spirit just by vegging on the couch. One genre that has mostly stayed out of the Christmas programming fray, though, is reality TV.

| TV Editor

A guide to every winter movie worth watching

It is finally December, and for avid moviegoers, that means the final push for big-budget and top-quality movies is beginning. The next couple of months are sure to have some of the best movies of the year. Here are Cadenza’s top picks. “Hyde Park on Hudson” Dec. 7 ‘Tis the season for…historical movies?

Cadenza’s Christmas list

Now that we’re in college, it’s sort of weird to get as many presents as we did when we were little. We don’t like that and want to do something to rectify it. But since it would be even weirder if we bought our presents, we’re making a list. Hopefully someone important in the entertainment industry will find it and make all of our wishes come true.

Point/Counterpoint: Does the Christmas season come too early?

Last week, Cadenza reviewed the new Justin Bieber Christmas album. Something else that happened last week? Halloween. For years, people have been lamenting the too-early start of the Christmas season, declaring that people shouldn’t be allowed to start celebrating Christmas until Santa closes out the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

| Cadenza Staff

‘Under the Mistletoe’ | Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber recorded a Christmas album, and I can’t think of a better artist to release a Christmas album from a marketing standpoint. This will probably be the most popular stocking stuffer this year. Despite my acknowledged status as a “Belieber,” I did not expect to like the album—and yet, I did.

| Movie/TV Editor

A Secular Christmas

The other day, I saw a minivan bearing a linguistically clever bumper sticker demanding “Keep Christ in Christmas.” What exactly is the definition of Christmas? Purists will give you a spiel about the baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary, peace on earth and goodwill towards man. While Christmas is at its root a religious holiday, it has long since exceeded the limits of its original definition.

| Staff Columnist