2012: The year of Channing Tatum

“Step Up,” released in 2006, began the era of Channing Tatum dominating the world of extremely attractive male actors. Girls all over America were screaming with a new obsession with the often-shirtless Channing Tatum. While he met his future wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, on the set of “Step Up,” the nation met his good dance movies and hot body.

Caroline Gutzbehal | Cadenza Writer

In Defense Of: Dance Movies

When I profess my love for dance movies, at least one person usually gives me the “Are you serious?” side-eye glance. Normally, I just shrink back into my chair and pretend that I never said anything, but no more. These movies—like “Step Up,” “You Got Served” and my favorite, “Honey”—are ridiculously entertaining and deserve the artistic respect that they are so often denied.

| Cadenza Movie Editor

Movie Review | ‘Dear John’

The first time I saw a preview for the new movie “Dear John,” I wondered why they would name a supposed love story the term used for break-up letters. All throughout the preview, the main female character, Savannah (Amanda Seyfried), writes letters to her army boyfriend John (Channing Tatum), all beginning “Dear John.” As could be expected, the title—and the use of this line—foreshadow a major plot point.

| Cadenza Movie Editor