Small talk with Tony La Russa: A sports fan calls up the 2014 commencement speaker

The last time I was intimidated by somebody I was interviewing, I was a wee freshman walking into the office of Larry Kindbom, the head coach of the Washington University football team; it was my first ever interview for Student Life. But as I sat in my office, about to make the call that would be my last interview as editor-in-chief of StudLife, I was also sweating.

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Celebrities you didn’t know were from St. Louis

A walk along the Delmar Loop will provide you with a whole who’s who of famous St. Louisans: Scott Joplin, Chuck Berry, T. S. Eliot—the list goes on. But there are also plenty of younger, more contemporary celebrities who are from St. Louis. Here, Cadenza looks into some celebrities whose St. Louis roots aren’t so well-publicized.

Cadenza’s dream threesomes

Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston Perhaps best known for his role as the titular character in BBC’s “Sherlock,” Benedict Cumberbatch is an English actor who’s also well-spoken, intelligent and strikingly handsome. Tom Hiddleston, famous for his role as Loki in several Marvel movies, can also be described in these terms.

Women: are we human… or are we objects?

The other day, some friends and I were indulging in the shallow yet ever-intriguing topic of attractive celebrities. As the girls at the table listed off attractive older male movie stars (George Clooney, Hugh Grant, Tom Cruise, etc.), I was surprised to find that my male friends failed to name even one older female celebrity who they found attractive.

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Top 10 Celebrity Children

They’re extremely cute and might one day rule the entertainment industry, but which one is the greatest? Fresh off the news that one of the Jolie-Pitt children (Vivienne, who sadly did not make this list) has been cast in a movie and the satirical “Suri Cruise’s Burn Book” being published, one question needs to be answered: which celebrity offspring reigns supreme?

Fashion’s Night Out

We often associate cities with style—think New York, Paris, London, Milan. Unfortunately, St. Louis doesn’t generally make that list. For those of us that live in the slightly dream-like place that is the world of fashion, we like to pretend that our Wash. U. classmates don’t complain about dressing up for class or that the DUC hallways are our runways.

A brief guide to celebrities on Twitter

Everyone’s favorite octogenarian, Betty White (@bettywhite), recently joined Twitter, becoming the latest celebrity to jump on board with the popular social networking website. Here are our favorite celebrities to follow on Twitter, with one of each celebrity’s best tweets and 140 characters or less on why we love each one.

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Body image

We get our first impressions of other people from their bodies and faces. These features are even more powerful mechanisms of attraction when the person is someone we desire. It’s one of the reasons we fall in love. It is natural. Everyone wants to look attractive to others. It raises your confidence and makes you feel good.

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