PETA ‘expose’ continues fight against WU cat labs

It’s disappointing that Chancellor Mark Wrighton, who has shared his home with cats and surely understands their kind and gentle nature, would allow Washington University to continue subjecting these sensitive animals to crude and painful medical training drills that do not help trainees learn how to properly intubate babies.

Shalin G. Gala | Class of 2003

PETA ‘expose’ continues fight against WU cat labs

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has redoubled its attack on Washington University’s use of cats after a student sent PETA video footage showing a class practicing medical procedures on cats.

| Senior News Editor

Local protesters denounce Med School’s use of cats

Pictures of cats with banners declaring, “I am not lab equipment” and “On humans, it’s torture. On animals, it’s research?” dotted the corner of Skinker Boulevard and Forest Park Parkway in small protest against Washington University’s use of live cats in a medical school course.

Richard Matus | Contributing Reporter