Pass the Manischewitz

I had the opportunity to experience an unfamiliar religion on a more meaningful level by attending Shabbat at Chabad.

Lizzi Kehoe | Staff Writer

Pope Francis and the New Age of the Catholic Church

Six months following his election by the papal conclave, Pope Francis has been proclaimed the pope who will usher the Catholic Church into a new era. A majority of media outlets claim his changes to the church are progressive liberalizations on social issues such as gay marriage and abortion.

Jacquie Boyle | Contributing Writer

Forty days

As I am a Catholic (a term which I sometimes use shakily), Lent is usually my favorite time of the Church year. It gives me time to think about what my Catholicism means and my relationship with the man upstairs. But, for now, I want to talk about Lent as something that isn’t necessarily just for Catholics, or Christians.

| Forum Editor

Church of hate

There are many things both in centuries past and in recent years for which to criticize the Catholic Church. They range from brutal instances of warmongering slaughter during the Crusades, to complicity in the forced conversion of Eastern Orthodox Serbs in Croatia during the Holocaust, to shuffling child-raping priests between parishes so as to avoid […]

| Staff Columnist