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‘The Sound of Music Live!’ attracts viewers but falls flat under the weight of poor acting, lack of cast chemistry

NBC’s much-hyped foray into the long-gone “event television” days finally went live with “The Sound of Music Live!” Thursday night, but the adaptation of the 1959 classic turned out to be nothing more than a couple of hours full of awkwardness.

Kimberley Henrickson | Contributing Writer

Play On | Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood undeniably has a cute, folksy charm. Listeners (and watchers) are instantly able to identify with her, especially when compared to other modern divas that seem psychotic and distant from reality (re. Britney Spears). She also has a fantastic voice that can be very powerful and stirring. Unfortunately, being cute and having a great […]

| Cadenza Reporter

NOW That’s What I Call Country

Stuffed with the best known names in country music, “Now That’s What I Call Country” is the perfect hits CD for country music lovers.

| Cadenza Reporter