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Carnaval 2018: Celebrating unity and diversity across Latin American cultures

Over the weekend, Association of Latin American Students (ALAS) hosted its 19th annual Carnaval—a celebration of Latinx culture and recognition of intersectional issues for the Latin American community—titled “Unidad.”

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Carnaval to reflect upon political climate, commemorate 25 Years of ALAS

This weekend, Carnaval will offer the Washington University community a slice of Latinx culture through music, dancing and a skit that reflects upon current issues facing Latin America.

| Theater Editor

Carnaval highlights mixture of serious dialogue and cultural fun

Underneath the colorful dances and intermission churros at this year’s Carnaval, there remains a deeper, more fundamental call from the Association of Latin American Students (ALAS), which runs Carnaval, for increased engagement from students on campus in Latinx culture and issues.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Listen, watch, enjoy: The weekend in arts

Cadenza staff decided to put together a small preview of what’s going on in the Washington University performing arts world this weekend.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Carnaval in Student Life: the crisis of representation for Latino students

Months of work putting together Carnaval were lost in a single headline as I sat in my advisor’s office, infuriated. I had devoted months of my time and energy to helping put together a show that was meant to express some of my sentiments and experiences as a Latino student on campus.

Daniel Kennedy | President of External Relations, Association of Latin American Students

‘La Vida Es Un Carnaval’ celebrates and educates

This weekend, the Association of Latin American Students presented “La Vida Es Un Carnaval” for the 16th year. Carnaval, a blended showcase of dances and skits, both celebrated Latin American culture and pointed out intersectional issues that are prevalent in our society, even within the microcosm of Washington University.

| Film Editor

A letter from the editor

In light of our coverage of this past weekend’s Carnaval event, Student Life apologizes to the Association of Latin American Students, the Latinx community and any other affected parties for misrepresenting the nature of the event and therefore trivializing issues that are pertinent to the Washington University community and the Latinx community as a whole.

Editorial Board

Keep turning up support to cultural shows, start turning down Yik Yak abuse

In the past few weeks, students have put aside their studies to showcase their singing, dancing, poetry and acting talents, and they have been rewarded with significant support from fellow students.

Carnaval features serious skit, sparse crowds at matinee show

Although the new Saturday afternoon show did not see as high a turnout as anticipated, students enjoyed the colorful and energetic performances of the 15th annual Carnaval this weekend.

| Senior News Editor

Carnaval brings Latin American culture to Edison

Students danced and costumes sparkled as a sold-out crowd drowned out the music with its screams in Edison Theatre Friday and Saturday nights. Carnaval 2013 – “Arroz con Poyos,” the collective work of more than 150 student participants, culminated in an energetic celebration of Latin American culture and showcased student talent and dedication.

Ellie Kincaid | Student Life