A letter of sympathy to Cardinals fans

Dear Cardinals fans, We’re very alike, you and I. Just as your hearts bleed for the Cardinals, my veins throb and pulse to the Bronx Bomber beat.

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The 2011 Fall Classic is underway in St. Louis

St. Louis, above all else, is a baseball town. The enthusiasm of the city is one of the things that has made the St. Louis Cardinals’ run through the playoffs and into the World Series so exciting. For Washington University students from different parts of the world, it has been easy to jump on the bandwagon as this team fought its way into the playoffs and past the competition. Here is a position-by-position breakdown of everything World Series.

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A casual Cardinals fan’s guide to the 2011 World Series

The 107th World Series in baseball history began last night here in St. Louis, as you might have heard already. And we know that some of you have been following the Cardinals since spring training began in Jupiter, Fla., back in February. But for you out-of-towners who haven’t been paying much attention before now, and watched last night’s 3-2 Cards’ victory without really knowing what was going on, fear not.

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Behind the Scenes: Busch Stadium

Unlike Fenway Park, with its many seats behind giant green columns; Wrigley Field, forever enshrouded by a thick cloud of sadness; or Yankee Stadium, baseball’s equivalent of the Death Star, St. Louis’ Busch Stadium may be Major League Baseball’s finest establishment.

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The St. Louis Cardinals: What to watch for this season

On Monday, April 5, the St. Louis Cardinals begin the regular season, hosting the Cincinnati Reds at Busch Stadium. After an NL Central division title and a first round exit in last year’s playoffs, the Cardinals are the clear favorites to take the division again. Here are some of the key themes and players who you should be watching out for:

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Cardinals fall from grace

For native St. Louisans, Cardinals baseball is a religion, and for Washington University students without a childhood team loyalty, the Cards are the team to watch.

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Student reactions to Cardinals’ loss

The L.A. Dodgers completed a sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals in the first round of the MLB playoffs Saturday, dashing the year’s World Series hopes. Student Life asks Wash. U. students: How do you feel about the loss?

Which team do you want to see crash and burn this season?

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Professional sports thrive in St. Louis

With Busch Stadium, the Edward Jones Dome, and the Scottrade Center only short Metrolink rides away from campus, there’s never an inopportune time to catch a sports game in St. Louis.

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