Fall WILD likely canceled due to debate logistics

Fall WILD will likely not occur this year due to scheduling and budgeting constraints imposed by the October presidential debate, Student Union executive members told Student Life in an interview Sunday night.

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The case for cancelling “Outsourced”

There are some greenlit TV series that seem destined to be cancelled. “Cavemen,” the show based on the Geico commercial spokes-Neanderthals, was one of these series. Poochinski, the series in which the main character was a cop transformed into a bulldog, was another. Hopefully “Outsourced,” the new part of the NBC Thursday night comedy block, will join “Cavemen” and “Poochinski” in the Eighth Circle of Cancellation Hell.

| Cadenza Reporter

‘24’: It’s the only thing that kept my family together

Just a few weeks ago, Fox pulled the plug on its venerable series, “24.” How do we think the series is going to end? Honestly, who knows? Like the entire plot of “Lost” packed into every season, nothing is ever what it seems.

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