Staff editorial: If you want to disprove negative stereotypes, stop breaking the rules

The repeated pattern of suspensions—both temporary and permanent—amongst IFC organizations suggests that the existing sanctions are insufficient in rectifying issues related to alleged hazing or alcohol-related activities.

Staff editorial: New Greek life website encourages transparency, accountability

Moving forward, we urge the Office of Campus Life to continue making changes to improve the behavior of the Greek life organizations that it oversees, and the recent revision of social policies and the website modifications represent progress toward this goal.

Revival of Men’s Project aims to deconstruct toxic masculinity

Men’s Project, an initiative aimed at deconstructing traditional male gender roles, will be rebooted at Washington University this semester after nearly a three-year hiatus.

Jayla Butler | Contributing Reporter

University conducts survey to guide campus renovation

The Office of Student Affairs put up surveys on boards around campus just before Thanksgiving break, asking students for their thoughts about campus spaces.

Noah Slaughter | Contributing Reporter

IFC reviews WPA survey results in meeting with Campus Life

Co-creators of the Women’s Panhellenic Association independent climate survey presented data relevant to Washington University fraternities at a meeting with the Interfraternity Council and Campus Life Thursday. In a survey Women’s Panhellenic Association (WPA) president senior Genevieve Leach and senior Rachel Lynn Braly co-created, approximately 290 sorority members reported at least one instance of sexual harassment or assault by members of every Greek fraternity chapter on campus.

| News Editor

Campus Life decreases ask for SU space, requests $100K

Campus Life made a new request of Student Union to fund it $100,000 as part of the group’s move—a $200,000 decrease from its first request.

| Editor-in-Chief

Senate, Treasury should vote not to fund $300K request from Campus Life

Our editorial board recommends that Senate and Treasury vote not to fund the request due to a gross lack of specific information from the University on what the money would be used for, it being a misuse of the student activities fee and for its likelihood to set a bad precedent

Campus Life releases Greek life survey comparing WU to other institutions

In an effort to understand how Washington University Greek life compares to other universities and which areas of the Greek life system need improvement, Campus Life released a survey to all students in fraternities and sororities the week before spring break.

Rory Mather | Contributing Reporter

SU launches investigation into reported anti-Semitic, sexually inappropriate comments

After learning of possible anti-Semitic and sexually inappropriate comments made by members of Student Union, SU President and senior Kenneth Sng filed a report to the Office of Campus Life and the Constitutional Council Monday.

| Senior News Editor

The Solo cup dilemma

Last week, a group of undergraduate students announced that they would be piloting their recycling initiative on Fraternity Row. When you begin to dig into the issue (and live it firsthand), you realize that there is more to this dilemma than meets the eye.

| Senior Forum Editor