Breaking Grounds: WU’s flurry of construction continues into school year

Following commencement in May, Washington University broke ground on its largest capital project to date while continuing work on two other sites—Olin Library and Bryan Hall/Overpass, also known as the Driving Discovery project.

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Trustees approve plan for major campus expansion

The University intends to do this by adding two new academic buildings, Jubel Hall and Weil Hall, as well as green spaces, an underground parking garage and two glass buildings: a designated welcome center for admissions and a building the administration has tentatively titled “The Hub,” which is slated to feature dining spaces, showers, changing rooms and academic programming.

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The push for a campus free of construction

My alarm clock is on hiatus. At 8:15 every morning, I am woken by the sporadic crack and bang of loud hammering outside my window. Upon moving back to school, I was unprepared for the abrupt nature of these early mornings. One at a time, my suitemates and I emerged from our rooms in search of the cause of the knocking.

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