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Student robbed at gunpoint at corner of Rosedale, Waterman

January 28, 2013 |

On Thursday, Jan. 24 at approximately 11:15 a.m., a suspect carrying a handgun allegedly approached a man walking near the intersection of Rosedale Avenue and Waterman Boulevard and demanded his green messenger bag. The suspect is described as a heavy-built black male in his late 20s, bearded and about 5 feet 7 inches tall.

UCity Police adds patrols after Forsyth burglary

January 24, 2013 |

The University City Police Department has increased patrols on Forsyth Blvd. after a burglary of a student apartment happened on the street early Monday morning. At about 6:30 a.m. Monday, students on the 7300 block of Forsyth reported a suspect entered through their partially open first-floor apartment window and demanded their property.

Burglary reported on 7300 block of Forsyth

January 21, 2013 |

Residents of an apartment on the 7300 block of Forsyth reported that a suspect entered through their kitchen window at about 6:30 a.m. Monday morning and demanded property, according to a crime advisory sent to nearby residents by the Washington University Police Department. The suspect allegedly took some electronic items and fled the area in […]

Two burglaries occur on Forsyth

January 18, 2012 |

Two burglaries occurred on Forsyth Boulevard this week, University City police Captain Michael Ransom said on Wednesday.
On Monday, a laptop was stolen from the ZBT (Zeta Beta Tau) house, located on the 7000 block of Forsyth, and on Tuesday several electronics were stolen from an apartment on the 7200 block of Forsyth, according to Ransom.

Second laptop stolen from unlocked room

April 25, 2011 |

A resident of the Thomas Eliot House reported the burglary of a laptop from an unlocked dorm room on Friday. The computer went missing between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. This is the second such burglary to happen this month. On April 13, a resident of Millbrook reported the theft of his computer and notebook while his apartment was empty. The door to the apartment had been left unlocked according to WUPD.

Library to offer locks for laptops

December 08, 2010 |

Olin Library will soon take steps to prevent laptop burglary by making laptop locks available for checkout. After last year’s spike in laptop thefts from the library, former Student Union Senator senior Eric Schwartz has been working with the library administration to find a solution to this problem.

New crime stats released

October 08, 2010 |

Burglaries on campus fell sharply and off-campus ones nearly doubled between 2008 to 2009, according to new statistics on crime at Washington University. The statistics, whose public release is mandated by the Clery Act of 1991, show four different categories of university crime levels over a three-year period.

You snooze, you lose

October 10, 2008 |

While Paula Lauris offers some good advice about how and where to nap during the day (“Catch Some ZZZ’s”, Oct. 6), she neglects to tell her readers that they should, before falling asleep, take the elementary precaution of securing their belongings.

Suspect arrested for burglaries

October 10, 2008 |

Washington University Police investigators recovered items stolen in a string of five burglaries on the North Side and South 40 Tuesday, including five laptops, a video game system and several cameras, according to Chief of Police Don Strom.

After break-ins, focus on security

September 10, 2008 |

Residents of the Greenway Apartments woke up last week to find that approximately 15 cars were broken into in the building’s surrounding area, prompting heightened security concerns there.

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