Student Union chops nearly $650,000 from general budget requests

SU Vice President of Finance and senior Iliana Ragnone supplemented Senate and Treasury’s suggested cuts of around $436,000 with her own cuts of about $208,000, balancing the budget at $3,328,918.20.

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Dealing with debt—federal government edition

If you’ve been following this election cycle (or American politics ever), chances are that you’ve heard someone mention the national debt. It may have been in the context of a balanced budget amendment—the idea wherein Congress would not be allowed to pass a budget which contributed to the national debt—or it could have been used as an arbitrary measure of how well a president grew the economy.

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Changes to SU budget allocation process lead to increased club funding

Student Union allotted funding to student groups on Wednesday, budgeting the highest percentage of requested funds to Category 1 and 2 student groups that has been granted in at least the past four semesters.

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SU passes budget, allocates fall WILD talent budget to spring, adds debate programming funds

After over 11 hours of debate, the Student Union budget for the 2016-2017 fiscal year passed Sunday with no money towards fall WILD, but a large increase in the budget for the spring 2017 WILD.

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With few bumps, Student Union passes budget

More than two months earlier and in less than half the time of last year’s decision, Student Union passed its 2013-14 general budget with only one dissenting vote. Despite some concerns voiced previously about the increases in the budget, the general budget passed Treasury unanimously (16-0) Wednesday night less than an hour after discussion began.

Washington University Career Center expanding despite national trends

While many universities are cutting back on job preparation services, Washington University’s career centers continue to expand. A recent USA Today story reported that budgets of career centers nationwide fell by about 16 percent in the past year.

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How We Perceive the Military: A Distortion

While flying home for the winter break, I noticed, as I’m sure many of you did, literally hundreds of soldiers wandering the airport in uniform on their way home. For me, this meant that I was reminded of my feelings toward the military and the way in which our country uses our armed forces around the world.

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The Ivory Soapbox – Jump!

With the election finally behind us, lawmakers are turning their attention to the impending fiscal cliff. For those who don’t know, this refers to two things: first, the 1.

SU exec considers breaking tradition to allocate next year’s budget

Senior Ammar Karimjee may be the first student in recent history to allocate Student Union’s full annual budget of more than $2.5 million twice, pending a decision by Student Union’s executive council.

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Proposed Student Union budget offers few changes

$2,563,617. It might be less than one ten-thousandth of what Obama’s campaign had to allocate for 2012, but it is the amount that will fund Washington University’s Student Union for the entire span of the 2012-13 year.