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Crackdown on brunch sharing causes student controversy

Students taking brunch without paying for it might be bargaining for more than a free omelet and pizza. While sharing wristbands with friends might not be an unprecedented way for underclassmen to save meal points, students caught taking food without paying the $9.

Dylan Basset | Contributing Reporter

Editorial Cartoon: Ron Swanson’s Brunch Plate

Steph Waldo | Student Life

Stepping Out: Half & Half

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I would venture to say that while breakfast is a beloved meal, the classic breakfast cuisine is best enjoyed mid-day or even in the evening. That is why I have always found it frustrating that breakfast and brunch cafés never remain open past 3 p.m.

Best brunch spots near Wash. U.

The story behind the creation of brunch is as mysterious as its purpose: Is it breakfast or is it lunch? Regardless of its founding, brunch has become a college tradition that lets students sleep in late and recover from the night before. While there are satisfying brunch options on campus, there are plenty of other […]

| Senior Scene Editor