Student Union elects Adler and Nahra to speakerships

Junior Brian Adler and sophomore Alia Nahra were elected speakers of Senate and Treasury, respectively, in an internal Student Union election held Tuesday. They will preside in office until next semester’s elections in March.

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Student Life endorses Robinson, Adler, Ragnone, Jeter, Hyder

From successful initiatives to investigation and scandal to resignations, Student Union has attracted much attention this year. When students vote this Tuesday, they will have the opportunity to decide how they want their student government to function moving forward, specifically in response to actions and a culture created in the past year.

SU senator urges Trump, Congress to uphold Planned Parenthood budget allocations

Student Union senator and sophomore Brian Adler authored a letter calling for President Trump and members of Congress to uphold budget allocations to Planned Parenthood.

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