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Coffee with Joywave: Pranks, mugs, and inconveniencing the majority

Satire synth pop band Joywave is out with a new album called Content. And lead singer Daniel Armbruster likes coffee. Let’s talk about that.

| Senior Editor

In search of the perfect brew: An investigation at Blueprint Coffee

Modern American culture seems to have deemed gastronomic precision in vogue. The finest restaurants all must be locally sourced and organic. The classic, conservative combo of coffee and doughnuts has become an opportunity for classiness. Take a trip to Vincent Van Doughnut in Clayton to see fried dough baked and sculpted into pieces of edible art. Or go, as I did, to Blueprint Coffee’s seasonal coffee tasting to see how far a cup of joe really can go.

Harry Hall | Contributing Writer

Four to explore

St. Louis has a lot of neat places to offer if you know where to look. One of the best ways I’ve found to explore the city is to ask for recommendations from others. My hope for the “Four to Explore” series is that it will give you some ideas of places to check out in your favorite category.

Jessie Bluedorn | Contributing Writer