The Road to Black Anthology: Installment 2

Black Anthology hosted the viewing of a movie as an “Ode to Ntozake Shange” this past Thursday, Nov. 29 in McMillan Hall.

Katie Bry | Digital Contributor

The Road to Black Anthology: Installment 1

Black Anthology will run Feb. 1 and 2. Up until then, StudLife will be covering the lead-up to the show in a new series, “Road to Black Anthology.”

Katie Bry | Digital Contributor

Black Anthology tackles relationship violence, cultural appropriation in powerful performance

This year’s full-length stage play drew themes from recent events in Wash. U.’s public memory.

| Senior Scene Editor

‘Black and Blue’ tackles intersection of mental illness and race

This year’s Black Anthology production, “Black and Blue,” brought to light the intersection of mental illness and blackness, paying special attention to how, despite attempts to silence experience, people can recognize the need for help in ourselves and others.

| Senior Editor

Increased diversity still just a number at Wash. U.

The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education shows that the freshman class at Wash. U. during the year of “The Six” was 4.8 percent African-American. This year, for the class of 2020, that number is up to 12.4 percent. But has the culture that led to the discomfort and insecurity following that year’s production actually changed with the changing demographic?

The girl on fire: Tobi Alawode on Black Anthology, Colour magazine and coordinated sweaterdresses

“Hey girl!” Oluwatobi ‘Tobi’ Alawode said as she walked over to the leather seats. We were in Hillman Hall, the newest architectural gem on Washington University’s campus. She sniffled and apologized for “sounding ridiculous.”

| Contributing Reporter

Black Anthology focuses on awareness of racial issues, college student experience

Black Anthology focused on the importance of staying aware of racial issues post-Ferguson in its performances this weekend. This year’s production, titled “woke,” depicted the hardships and adversity African-Americans experience on a daily basis on predominantly white campuses.

| Staff Reporter

Black Anthology preview: Staying ‘woke’

Black Anthology, Washington University’s oldest student-run cultural show, returns this weekend with “woke.” I sat down with senior Schuyler Atkins, the show’s director, and freshman Chris Gauss, an actor in the performance. Here’s what I learned.

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Artist and activist Bree Newsome revitalizes discussion on grassroots organizing

Award-winning filmmaker and activist Bree Newsome discussed her experiences with the Black Lives Matter movement on Wednesday.

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Busy schedules, high speaking fees prevent visits from Jessica Williams, Ellen Page

Comedian Jessica Williams and actress Ellen Page will not be part of Student Union’s Speaker Series this year, removing the two highest-profile guests from the annual speaker schedule.

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