Caution on campus: Hades’ work in progress

So, you made it to Washington University and now there’s a giant pit in front of Brookings. Here are some other hazards for you to know about.

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I want to ride my bicycle

Improving bike infrastructure will not only prepare campus for the inevitable influx of those two-wheeled annoyance machines, but they may also go a long way towards fostering understanding and acceptance for all modes of transportation at Wash. U.

Letter to the Editor: Bike-riding students must prioritize safety

When it’s dark and rainy, cyclists are nearly impossible to see until they’re a few yards away. Traffic around Forest Park Parkway and Skinker is already wild as it is, especially with the lane shifts and changes from Forest Park Parkway to Wydown Boulevard. I’ve been a part of a lot of close calls, and I imagine those close calls would be potentially fatal with drunk drivers or people who aren’t already watching for cyclists.

Johnny Buse | St. Louis Resident

Editorial Cartoon: Scooter

Brandon Pogrob | Student Life

Rise in bike thefts on campus troubles students

When junior Zach Hembree left his apartment on Waterman Blvd. to bike to campus about two weeks ago, he found that his bike—or at least most of it—had disappeared. “I had locked it out in front of Waterman the night before and when I woke up in the morning to use it, it just wasn’t there,” Hembree said.

ResLife bike policy: unjustified

Residential Life can be a force of good at Washington University. Yes, the philosophical inclinations of some students are offended upon learning that ResLife can go into our rooms at any time, including over winter break, but in general, I’ve found ResLife to be helpful.

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A lesson: don’t skimp on bikes

Owning a bike can be a great enhancement to most students’ lives. The 15-minute walk from the far end of the South 40 to the library turns into a five-minute trip, and a student can carry far more than he would otherwise be able to with the aid of handlebars.

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Proposed bike plan solicits student input

Bikes whizzing by on campus may be a thing of the past. A proposed plan seeks to end congestion on main campus and allow bicyclists and pedestrians to coexist more peacefully. According to Sarah Stanton, project coordinator for the Department of Facilities Planning and Management, the University has been talking to Great Rivers Greenway (GRG), a group dedicated to “developing a Bicycle Master Plan for the St.

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