On bicycle angst

Strap on your helmet, look both ways and pass on the left because Washington University has a transportation problem that’s not going away anytime soon.

University holds second month of sustainability of 2012

It may seem a bit ambitious for the Office of Sustainability to ask everyone at Washington University to dump his car for a month and bike to campus. But this isn’t its first time attempting that this year.

Adam Cohen-Nowak | Contributing Writer

Bike barriers are silly

Normally, I hate bicyclists. It seems like they’re always underfoot and an inch away from running into me. I hate them, that is, until I am one. Then, it’s the pedestrians who are infuriating: They’re always in the way, exclaiming as I go past, and if they’d only stop moving to avoid me, I wouldn’t have to worry about hitting them.

| Staff Columnist

Where can I lock my darn bike?

Of all the possessions I brought to college this fall, perhaps my favorite is my 1980s Schwinn road bike.

| Staff Columnist