Waking the sleeping giant: the people behind the candidate

“Waking the Sleeping Giant: The Making of a Political Revolution,” which premiered at the St. Louis International Film Fest Nov. 11, explores the 2016 election through a structure that elevates the voice of underrepresented Americans—the not-so-silent majority whose anger and passion both fueled and doomed Bernie Sanders’ grassroots campaign.

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A liberal hellscape: A reluctant tour of Hillary’s House of Horrors

This weekend’s presidential debate was characterized by media swarming around campus, students holding up Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump (or Krusty Krab Unfair) signs and protests forming on and off campus. You would think that after stepping off campus, you’d be able to escape the mass of chaos.

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Bernie: From Vermont with love

With Washington University hosting the presidential debate next fall, Forum staff has decided to profile each of the leading presidential candidates. This week we turn to self-described “democratic socialist” Bernie Sanders.

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Cadenza’s soundtracks to the presidential campaigns

Presidential candidates like to use songs to get people all riled up and excited about voting for them. Were we working on presidential campaigns and tasked with picking those songs, these are the ones we’d choose.

Democratic candidates host a “substantive” debate: Clinton and Sanders face off

It’s safe to say Tuesday night’s prime time entertainment television was trumped by the presidential debate—but this time, it finally wasn’t Trump with his feisty firestorm of anti-woman, pro-building-a-wall antics.

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Sanders sings the songs of social change

With all of the excitement surrounding the news of a presidential debate to be held here at Washington University next year, it seems fitting to know a little more about the potential candidates that may set foot on our Brookings Quadrangle.

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