Here’s an idea: Let’s talk to each other

On Tuesday, Washington University released the much-anticipated report responding to recommendations made by organizers of the Title Mine rally, a call to action demanding reform to the Title IX reporting process for sexual violence. While reading the University’s report, I felt that the school is moving in the right direction and working to equip the Title IX Office with the resources to improve the process for everyone involved.

Megha Uberoi | Contributing Writer

New 9-day schedule in place for Bear Beginnings 2019

Washington University’s Bear Beginnings freshmen orientation program will transition to a 9-day schedule with three parts in the summer of 2019.

| Senior News Editor

Staff Editorial: New Bear Beginnings must preserve pre-o’s key qualities

While we applaud the University administration for wanting to create an even playing field encompassing of all students, we believe that this can be achieved without sacrificing the best parts of the programs. To us, the quintessential qualities of the pre-orientation experience are their independent, supportive atmosphere with student-led activities and ability to recruit for student groups on campus.

Modules are a waste of time

Modules are dumb, pointless and don’t actually promote any semblance of a legitimate education.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

‘#RewindBlurredLines’ from the director’s point of view

This year, Wash.U. alumna and Career Development Coordinator Phoebe Richards served as the new director for “#RewindBlurredLines,” the interactive performance about sexual assault shown to all first-year students.

Leah Hardgrove | Staff Writer

First-year orientation to move from 4-day to 9-day model for fall 2019

Bear Beginnings, Washington University’s orientation for first-year students, will be extended from its current four-day model to a nine-day session for fall 2019.

| News Editor

Pre-orientation programs benefit all

Pre-orientation programs offer more freedom in terms of activities, allow for exploration of self-selected interests and provide first-year students a chance to talk to upperclassmen.

First Year Center utilizes new events app for Bear Beginnings

Washington University has created a new scheduling app, called “WashUEvents,” for this year’s Bear Beginnings, a program that introduces incoming freshmen to campus life, University expectations and some of their 1,878 new classmates.

Zachary Berman | Contributing Reporter

FYC app leads first year students and parents through orientation

In an attempt to modernize the orientation process and eliminate the need to distribute pamphlets, the First Year Center (FYC) introduced an app designed to help freshmen navigate through Bear Beginnings.

| Contributing Reporter

First 40 should offer wider selection of programming, de-emphasize floor community

As with any major life transition, becoming acclimated to a new environment is challenging. The administration at Washington University recognizes this difficulty and programs events accordingly to help ease in the new students. These events—known as the First 40—are not without their problems, though.