FoodShare wins RECESS qualifier, advances to semifinals

FoodShare, a start-up company and app that allows users to donate a meal to those in need by taking a photo of their food at any of the company’s partnered restaurants, won the Washington University qualifying round of the RECESS entrepreneurial presentation tour held today.

| News Editor

Mobile app for on-campus food ordering launches at WU

A mobile app that allows students to order on-campus meals from their phones was launched at the beginning of the spring semester.

Amelia Ma | Contributing Reporter

Invisible Boyfriend: (Not) a love story

My untouched mint latte is getting cold as I figure out the best way to hunch over my laptop so that no one in Kayak’s can see my screen. I’m usually good with not caring what people think of me, but this is a little too embarrassing. I’m not trying to notify the baristas to the fact that I’m very literally constructing a fake boyfriend on the Internet.

| Senior Scene Editor

Goober app parodies lack of ride-sharing services in St. Louis

Getting around St. Louis can be tricky. Even with the MetroLink system and taxi service, the city lacks ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft.

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WUSTL Sentinel app helpful for some students, seems excessive for others

Washington University has released a safety and security app called “WUSTL Sentinel” for students on the Danforth and Medical School campuses.
In cooperation with the Social Sentinel, a service that aids public officials with social media to improve their reach regarding safety and security, the app was recently introduced in the iPhone App Store and the University plans to release it in the Android Play Store.

Elaine Cole | Contributing Reporter

Scene staff responds to Yik Yak

Though Yik Yak is hardly a new app and not even necessarily new to the Washington University student body, the app has suddenly blown up in popularity.

ThurtenE mixes nostalgia with modern tech

Although this year’s ThurtenE theme centered on the past and nostalgia of the event, the carnival saw new developments, with ThurtenE Honorary releasing a mobile app to guide visitors. This year’s theme, “Endless Discovery: Explore the Tradition,” was intended to remind attendees of the history behind the oldest student-run carnival—or, as it was once known, “Younivee Surrkuss”—in the country. Although the honorary ordinarily hands out advertisement books, it introduced a smartphone application for 2014’s carnival.

Dylan Basset | Staff Reporter

New WUSTL Reader app launches to small audience

Those looking for the latest Washington University news may not have to look much further than their iOS device. The new WUSTL Reader app brings together articles from university publications ranging from the Record to Washington Magazine. The full publications are also available through the app, and users can share and bookmark articles.

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University Wi-Fi blocks student hookup website

A Walk In Lay Down-themed hookup website has been blocked from Washington University Wi-Fi after the Student Union president raised concerns that it promoted sexual assault. The student-created site, awildnight.

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Tinder app grows in popularity

Forget agonizing for hours over whether or not someone finds you attractive— with new social media app Tinder, you can find out whether people you think are hot feel the same way about you by simply swiping your phone screen. The “hot or not” platform allows users to make connections after mutual hot ratings of profile pictures.

Claudia Vaughan | Scene Reporter