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TV review: ‘You, Me and the Apocalypse’

“You, Me and the Apocalypse” seems like it would fit in perfectly on a streaming service like Netflix. It’s a one-hour dramedy that explores some intense themes (a la “Orange is the New Black”), it features an interconnected web of international characters (a la “Sense8”) and it has a generally offbeat, surreal quality to it (a la…take your pick).

| Managing Editor

A doomsday bucket list

Friends of Forum, it’s been fun. If mistranslated Mayan calendars are to be believed, the End of Days is nigh. We’ve stockpiled canned foods and twinkies in the StudLife office, along with lead aprons from the med school radiology department and plenty of second amendment guaranteed hand-cannons to discourage zombie assaults.

Word on the Street: Apocalyptic confessions

Doomsday is almost upon us. Well, at least according to those of us who continue to ignore reassurance from archaeologists and anthropologists alike that Dec. 21, 2012, although the last day of the “Great Cycle” in the Mayan Long Count calendar, certainly doesn’t mark humanity’s last day on Earth.

Manvitha Marni

‘A Thousand Suns’ | Linkin Park

An apocalyptic end is not just the subject of Linkin Park’s fourth studio album, “A Thousand Suns,” but also its result, pushing the band off the rock stage forever.

| Cadenza Reporter