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Picking the next ‘Daily Show’ host: If not Jessica Williams, then who?

With the news that Jon Stewart plans to step down from his long-held position as the host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” we acknowledge that television is losing one of its key figures—someone who has managed to walk the fine line between comedy, news and incisive political insight.

Cadenza Staff

TV review: ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’

In the cold open of the series premiere of “Late Night with Seth Meyers” last week, Meyers paid homage to his “Late Night” predecessor with some Jimmy Fallon-style thank-you notes. Over the course of the next few episodes, though, Meyers proved that he isn’t going to be Fallon 2.0.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

TV Review: ‘Broad City’

Ah. The age of the Internet brings wonderful opportunities, and this is nothing but true for Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, who just went from women with a stellar web series to women with—dare I say—a hit television show on Comedy Central.

Elena Wandzilak | TV Editor

In preparation for Offerman: Cadenza’s favorite ‘Parks and Rec’ episodes

In preparation for Offerman: Cadenza’s favorite ‘Parks and Rec’ episodes Nick Offerman is coming to campus this Sunday, and it’s sure to be a packed and popular event.

Biden and friends: adding more stars to the Parks and Rec ticket

Fresh off the winning campaign trail, Joe Biden stops for no one. Nov. 15, he will continue reprising his role as vice president by playing himself on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.

Elena Wandzilak | Cadenza Reporter

In Knope We Trust: Cadenza’s Pick for President

Unemployment is high. The deficit is massive. The economy is in flux. It’s pretty clear. The United States is at a crossroads, and this election represents a choice between two clear sides. Cadenza is concerned for our country, so we felt it was our civic duty to weigh in and endorse a candidate for president.

Knope 2012: The return of “Parks and Recreation”

It is one of the most critically acclaimed comedies of the past few years, yet “Parks and Recreation” curiously disappeared from the NBC comedy block on Thursday night. Curse you, midseason scheduling. The wait is finally over, though, as the lovable Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) continues her run for City Council, assisted by all her friends and coworkers.