Don’t believe your professors, you will change the world

There is immense value in studying what has happened before and applying it to the present. But this does not mean that history is bound to repeat itself or that we must follow the same paths as those who have preceded us.

| Staff Writer

First year advice from someone who did it wrong

My college experience freshman year was not at all what I had anticipated it being. I initially expected to be working like crazy most of the time but spend my downtime with groups of friends. Instead, I found myself completely unmotivated to work and spending most of my time in my dorm room, alone.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

Keep your eyes on the horizon

It goes without saying that a person giving advice to incoming freshmen should probably be at least a sophomore or junior. It doesn’t make much sense for someone who hasn’t even started college yet to give advice about doing so.

Ben Fishman | Freshman Press Writer

How to interview your way into everyone’s hearts

Hey there, hi there! Instead of food, today I will give you some advice on how to improve your chances when you are job hunting in college.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Writer

College: A different world

With the commencement of the back to school season, many college freshmen, like me, find themselves conflicted with an abundance of emotions.

Efua Osei | Contributing Writer

Advice from the Sexy Fisherman: A guide to romance

For over 20 years, the Sexy Fisherman has been guiding people toward finding solutions to common issues, romantic or otherwise. The Sexy Fisherman is a human-ish counselor with an established practice in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Read the Sexy Fisherman’s advice to common problems and seek the support and kindfish you deserve.

Hannah Beilenson | Contributing Reporter

Finding a fulfilling freshman first semester

Before coming to Washington University, I couldn’t tell you how many times an adult came up to me and said, “College will be great; you’re just going to love it.” It was nice to have those words of encouragement, but after a while I started to feel like I was being burdened with a cliche of late-adolescent life. The “college is the best, therefore you must be happy or else” mantra has become so entirely prevalent in teenage culture. If you asked Wash. U. students what their take was on their first year, I think many would tell you that being at this place is incredible. But, as you may have seen on Yik Yak, Wash U Confessions or in the New York Times, there is an element of adversity that we all have to go through.

| Staff Columnist

Claudia’s Counsel: I have a friend who lies a lot. He’ll seem like he’s telling the truth, but then later I find out that he lied—what should I do?

Ultimately, if this behavior continues and consistently upsets you, it may be time to reconsider the friendship. Such an ingrained habit is not likely to change any time soon—simply telling the other person to cut the crap does not guarantee that your friend will change his ways once and for all.

| Scene Editor

How to “walk of shame” like an expert

I have recently been surprised by the number of people I have heard discussing their sneaky morning escapes from the beds of folks they barely know. Whatever the cause, it seems the proper form begs explanation and further explication.

| Scene Editor

Editorial Cartoon: Wise Advice

Daniel Raggs | Student Life