Staff editorial: Need-blind admissions a necessity, not an ‘ideal’

Becoming a need-blind institution that meets full need could attract more socioeconomic diversity to Washington University, the real “ideal” Wrighton should be looking toward.

Wrighton: Need-blind ‘an ideal that we can work towards’

Chancellor Wrighton said that Washington University’s adoption of need-blind admissions is “an ideal we can work towards” in a recent interview with Student Life.

Curran Neenan | Staff Reporter

Prospective WU students to be automatically considered for academic division-based merit scholarships

Prospective Washington University students are no longer required to submit a separate application for academic division-based scholarship programs beginning in the fall 2019 admissions cycle.

| Staff Reporter

Applications to include supplemental essay requirement starting fall 2019

Future applicants to Washington University will be required to submit a supplemental essay with their application materials starting fall 2019.

Emma Baker | News Editor

Staff Editorial: Mind your Ps and Qs

In the never-ending flood of college application essays, Washington University has long stood out as the lone soldier asking only for the generalized Common Application question.

Op-ed: Class of 2022 statement on peaceful protests

Whether it be through the national school walkout on March 14, protests, contacting local representatives or awareness campaigns, we encourage our fellow class of 2022 members to join us in speaking out and taking action against the heinous gun violence plaguing our country.

Class of 2022 members

Black student enrollment decreases for class of 2021

Black student enrollment at Washington University fell from 12.4 percent to 11 percent this year according to The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education.

Dorian DeBose | Contributing Reporter

Wash. U. to support class of 2022 applicants who peacefully protest

“March on,” the statement from Washington University ends, pledging to prospective students in the class of 2022 that they will not face consequences from the University if they are disciplined for engaging in peaceful protests.

Emma Baker | News Editor

Staff ed: Admissions doesn’t stop at acceptance

The University is better at admitting black students but clearly needs to work on retaining them.

Wash. U. moves up one spot in national U.S. News rankings

U.S. News & World Report ranked Washington University as the 18th best national university in this year’s annual U.S. News & World Report college rankings list, released Sept. 12.

Aiden Blinn | Contributing Reporter