Crew hard at work despite snow and frigid weather

| Senior Sports Editor

Correction appended below.

(Johann Qua Hansen | Student Life)

(Johann Qua Hansen | Student Life)

Junior David Ingber competes at the St. Louis Indoor Racing Championships as junior Becky Chanis, sophomore Gryte Satas and junior Stephen Washburn cheer him on. Washington University’s crew team hosted the event in the Francis Gymnasium of the Athletic Complex on Jan. 30. The race pits individuals against each other on erg machines as they rowed for 2,000 meters. There were heats at the varsity, novice, junior and masters levels for both genders. Ingber competed against other coxswains for 500 meters. “It’s more setting the baseline,” senior captain Jewell Thomas said. According to Thomas, the Bears are moving into their most intensive practices of the season in preparation for spring competition.

The original version stated that the rowers rowed for 2,500 meters, not 2,000. Student Life regrets the error.

  • FL

    yeah, they must have mad biceps. I thought it was a team sport though.

  • Coach Carter

    Thank you to the two guys from Stud Life who came out to cover the event this weekend. They have done an outstanding job in the past couple of years of covering club sports more diligently. The picture may not be a full representation of the athleticism that was displayed during the event, but coxwains like Dave Ingber, Eileen Ke, Ru Ho, Jordan Entin and Ally Rifkind are vital and critical players in the success of the team. We quite literally would go no where without them. One of the complaints was that although Dave is a member of the Washington University team he was not wearing the Washington University uniform. Please continue the fine job you are doing to present the hard working club athletes here at Washington University


    I had planned on supporting the team in regards to this event but I’m not anymore, where is the team unity? can’t they just be happy for one another and not be so jealous? really immature, so maybe another time


    I couldn’t agree more.

  • Another Member…

    In response to post #3, maybe more people would join if they thought crew were more fun…sooo maybe showing a joke race isn’t the end of the world. People know we’re up at 5…don’t worry, they get that we’re serious.

  • Yet Another Member of The WashU Rowing Team

    When you “clearly put a lot of work” into something, you learn study up enough on rowing to realize that the coxswain 500 is in fact a joke race because coxswains don’t actually row. You realize that rowers work hard, that “early in the morning” doesn’t constitute 11 am. When you actually respect a team, you don’t show up to their event during the very last races, and then choose a photo which doesn’t represent their hard work.
    Thank you, StudLife, for covering the Indoor Regatta. Next time, maybe choose a better photo.


    These posts are embarrassing.

  • Dan

    I think that despite any dissatisfaction with the pictures used, the article talked about Crew, a group I hadn’t seen a lot of press about until now. Someone clearly put a lot of work into trying to expand the sports that StudLife covers- so I think it’s more important to keep that in mind, rather than make a big deal about something like a picture.

  • Another Member Of The WashU Rowing Team

    As yet another member of the WashU rowing team, I agree with the 4th poster. #3. . . stop speaking. I’m glad we are being recognized and written about, and others on the team I’ve talked to agree. Johann woke up early on a weekend to come and cover the event. He didn’t get there until the cox race but at least he came and took some pictures


    As another member of the WashU rowing team, I think A.W. needs to care less about the photo selected and more about the fact that crew is being covered at all. I think it is awful of him to feel he can speak on behalf of the entire team and should rethink before making such a bold claim. Thanks again for the coverage, and please ignore the awful remark made by my uninformed and ill-spoken teammate

  • As a member of the WashU rowing team, you can take it from me that we feel insulted by the fact that, of the hundreds of photos taken at our most serious winter competition Studet Life chose to only showcase a photo of what we basivcally consider nothing more than a “joke” race.


    I’m beyond excited to suddenly be seeing StudLife cover club sports and bringing their successes to the eyes of the rest of the campus community. A special thanks to Johann for pushing for this very change.


    i’m disappointed that studlife chose a photo of a coxswain racing in a different team’s uniform to represent the Wash U Crew team.