Disney secret messages that should exist

| Music Editor

We’ve all heard the rumors that Disney has a hidden sexual agenda to corrupt children. We’ve scrutinized the still frames and rewound and watched the scenes over and over again. From the phallic castle tower on the cover of “The Little Mermaid” and the starry sky in “The Lion King” that spells out the word “sex” to the picture of a naked woman hidden in a window in “The Rescuers.” However, all these allusions have been denounced either as unintentional or as a prank by wayward animators.

Whether or not these sexual Easter eggs were intentional, I can’t be the only one in thinking that Disney could have had a good thing going here. Certainly, finding little surprises like these in every film could have added a whole other realm of entertainment to the movies, turning each film into a game to see who can spot the Easter egg first. Of course, Disney is the ultimate child-friendly media powerhouse, and it would probably never actually approve of such adult hidden messages making their ways into the movies for fear of repercussions. Nevertheless, it is fun to think of all of Disney’s missed opportunities for a sly wink toward its more mature audiences. Here are only a few:

1. The school of fish in “Finding Nemo”: While this silvery school of fish was busy imitating marine animals and pirate ships to cheer up Dory, it’s clear that Disney missed out on an opportunity to have the school imitate something a little more naughty. For a degree of subtlety, there could’ve been a shot of them in the background as Dory and Marlin were swimming away, perhaps spelling out the word “sex” in an underwater homage to “The Lion King.”

2. “Monsters, Inc.”: With Mike and Sulley invading a myriad of kids’ bedrooms across the world in “Monsters, Inc.” it seems as if it would be easy to slip a naked figure in one of the windows across the many cities the Monsters travel a la “The Rescuers” or even have a mischievous porn magazine sticking out of the corner of a mattress in a dark bedroom.

3. Aladdin’s Genie Lamp: True, the idea of a genie lamp is sexual enough. (Rub it several times and something will come out? Come on.) However, if Disney really wanted to drive home the innuendo, it could’ve had the smoke and fireworks that preceded the arrival of the Genie develop into a raunchy form, perhaps the silhouette of a naked person, and then vanish in seconds, leaving small children none the wiser.

4. A junkyard in “WALL-E”: In the post-apocalyptic future of “WALL-E,” the titular character is a small robot assigned to clean up the humongous smoggy junkyard that Earth has become. Somewhere in the massive pile of crumbling buildings, garbage and human belongings, there must have been a discarded sex toy. Said toy could’ve been tucked away in the corner of the screen, hidden for adult eyes only.

5. The mop scene in Fantasia: While the main thing about “Fantasia” that I remember as a child was that it scared the living daylights out of me, there’s no denying that the mop scene would’ve been a wonderful opportunity for Disney to insert a phallic image or two. From the shapes the dancing mops were creating to the shadows they cast on the wall behind them, the silent innuendo could have been on screen and gone in seconds.

While these are only a selection of options, it would certainly be possible to insert a naughty hidden word or image into each and every film. Disney truly could have made these covert innuendos a running joke throughout all their films, appealing to their older audiences while still maintaining the child-friendly magic that is Disney. But for now speculation will have to be entertainment enough.

  • Athalie Fogal

    Yeah I’m scared of Fantasia too! And I agree! I would LOOOOVE looking for hidden stuff!

  • Aaron McCarthy

    While I don’t think they should have sexual innuendo, they should definitely have easter eggs. Pixar’s great at this but more movies need to start doing it.