Cadenza’s Sex Playlist: a genre-by-genre overview

Rather than just try to think of the sexiest songs for this year’s Sex Playlist, Cadenza chose to try to think of one for every genre. Some were downright impossible, as nobody on staff was well-versed enough in bluegrass or classical to find any of those songs sexy. Here are some of the sexiest songs from the more popular genres, from country to indie to rap.

“Must Be Doin’ Something Right”
– Billy Currington
While the majority of people are skeptical of country music, I, however, have always stood by my backwoods brothers and sisters. And just when y’all think country music is all about boots, beer and bonfires, country artists reach deep and find amazing lyrics and soulful melodies. In some cases, these songs end up stirring something within us we weren’t sure we’d find after listening to “Redneck Woman” or a Taylor Swift ditty. Billy Currington’s “Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right,” released in 2005, breaks from the upbeat, and allows us to fall into his deep, sexy voice. Currington sings of the mysteries of women and taking it slow, after all, “there are so many ways a man can go wrong.” The mellow song is relaxing and almost trance-inducing. After one listen, you’ll want to “sigh, lean into [his] kiss, and close those deep blue, need you eyes.” – Elena Wandzilak

“Just a Touch” – AlunaGeorge
Although they have yet to hit it big in the states, AlunaGeorge are rising fast in their native U.K.. They even made our Spring W.I.L.D. Wishlist. All of their songs are immaculately produced to be as sensual as possible, but “Just a Touch” raises the bar from make out session in a club to full-on Beyoncé lap dance. It has one of the most grind-able beats ever concocted, and Aluna Francis’ vocals are breathy, sultry perfection. Whereas most electronic songs are too upbeat, too focused on the climax or just too drawn out, “Just a Touch” is a three minute, mid-tempo sublime addition to your sex playlist.
– Georgie Morvis

“Chained” – The xx
With their sophomore album, “Coexist”, The xx officially took the title of sexiest band in indie rock. By trimming their sound down to its most basic elements, the trio placed their sonic focus onto the exquisite push-pull dynamics of lead singers Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim. While the entire record smolders with sexual tension, its second track, “Chained”, is particularly alluring. Backed by a throbbing bass line and a heartbeat-simulating drum machine, Croft and Sim steal the show with their magnetic chemistry. For much of the song they trade lines, teasing listeners with their provocatively breathy vocals, but when they lock in for the climactic “ooh ooh oohs”, the results are magical. Though the song describes a relationship on its last legs, its seductive power is undeniable, making it an ideal soundtrack for any number of romantic encounters.
– Mark Matousek

“Gimme More” – Britney Spears
You might remember this song for being released just after her head-shaving meltdown, or for its constant refrain of “It’s Britney, b—-,“ but “Gimme More” is actually one of the sexier pop songs out there. The Danja-produced beat is downright dirty, and as Britney demonstrated in the music video, perfect for a striptease. And if you can block out the lyrics being about Britney’s celebrity and personal life, hearing “Gimme More” over and over again might be just the encouragement you or your sexual partner need. – Georgie Morvis

“Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off” – Panic! At The Disco
For many, this verbosely titled 2006 single probably brings back decidedly unsexy memories of middle school awkwardness. When it comes to sexual songs, though, “Lying Is the Most Fun” is an oft-overlooked gem. Aside from referencing stripping right in the title, this track oozes sexual tension. Singer Brendon Urie puts on his best seductive voice in the verse, insisting, “I’ve got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better f***” before bursting into an energetic chorus of “Let’s get these teen hearts beating faster, faster.” Admittedly, certain parts come across as more creepy than sexy (the opening lyric of “Is it still me that makes you sweat?” comes to mind), but you can only expect so much from a song that was penned by a bunch of hormonal 17- and 18-year-old boys.
– Katharine Jaruzelski

“Bump and Grind” – R. Kelly
In its current incarnation, R&B is probably already the sexiest genre of music, which makes choosing its sexiest song pretty much impossible since everyone will have their preferences. Choosing a sexiest R&B song from the past year alone is almost impossible with the recent advent of artists like Miguel, Frank Ocean, and John Legend. Some of the sexiest musicians of all time graced our world from the land of R&B. Prince and (young) Michael Jackson? Ok, they may be edging closer to pop music, but it’s still taken me this long to even mention Usher, Trey Songz, and Jeremih. But wait, clear the lobby, I forgot someone. The man who puts the R in R&B, put some R. Kelly on everybody, it’s time for a little, “Bump N’ Grind.”
– Trevor Leuzinger

“Supafreak” – Young Jeezy
A good rule when picking rap songs to screw to; if you can get high to it, you can probably make babies to it. Young Jeezy’s “Supafreak” is perfect for a pass around the circle or a hair-pulling, ass-smacking quickie. The base is strong enough to shake the bed all on its own, and the hook, “Super-freak, super-freak, yeah you know I want a,” provides a nice beat to bump to, preferably doggie-style. The song invites creativity, so long as you have the stamina for it; “I whip it fast then I whip it slow,” but “it only took a week.” Fortunately, the song is over in a mere 4:26. Hopefully, you don’t run into the song’s main problem, “too much money in the room, guess I hit her in the kitchen then,” unless, of course, you live off campus. – Julia Zasso