Student Life Interactive Sex Survey 2010

The interactive charts below feature responses from Student Life’s annual sex survey. The survey was sent to the entire Washington University undergraduate student body, and more than 1,600 complete responses were submitted. Have some fun with the data below.

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Number of virgins by school, 2009-2010


Which of the following constitutes ‘sex’?


Are you a virgin?


Are you currently single?


What percentage of Wash. U. students do you think are virgins?


Students’ responses to: “My sex life is ____”. The size of the words indicates the frequency of those words in the responses.

(Susan Hall | Student Life)

(Susan Hall | Student Life)

Percentage of students who have engaged in the following acts:

  • Pasha

    It seems architecture students found the way to build up their virginity during academic year!
    Is that some type of architectural homework?

  • Macro

    wow, i didnt know there was so many virgin’s running around campus! come on people, lets start F***ing!!!

  • WOW! If I am reading this right some people consider kissing on the lips as sex?!?! Crazy!!