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Hidden gems of Wash. U.

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The Law School librarySam Schauer [1] | Student Life

The Law School library

While acclimating to the geography of Wash. U., freshmen should know that there is more to each building than bricks, windows, and—in the case of Elliot Hall—a more modern approach of concrete. Here are the less obvious places within those buildings that will help us adapt to our home for the next four years.

The Goldberg Formal Lounge, located on the second floor of the DUC, is a nice place to relax. The room is well lit, generally quiet, and students can be found napping on couches. For music lovers, there is also a Steinway piano located in the lounge—available by reservation. The fireplace situated on the far wall of the room adds to the intimate environment.

The Ann W. Olin Women’s Building is home to many different student groups and activities. KWUR, the campus radio station, has its studio in the basement in back, its walls filled with thousands of albums and CDs. Dancers will find that the Women’s Building proves perfect with its multiple dance studios of various sizes. Student Records is located in the building for freshmen who have yet to take their ID pictures.

The Chemistry library in Louderman HallGrace Fung [2] | Student Life

The Chemistry library in Louderman Hall

When it comes to needing quiet studying time, the Law School Library, though often intimidating for underclassmen, is ideal. Silence pervades the area, and the graduate students’ glances, though uninviting, pay homage to the studious atmosphere.

Located in Eads Hall, Holmes Lounge, with its extravagant, red décor, has an array of made-to-order carvery wraps and paninis. Housing the well-known “Jazz at Holmes” every Thursday night from 8-10 p.m., the lounge is a nice place to relax and study while listening to live music. The room, which housed the Queen’s jewels during the St. Louis World’s Fair, is beautifully decorated.

The Observatory, located on top of Crow Hall, can be accessed through the south door Monday through Thursday from 8 to 10 p.m. With the large telescope, students are welcome to gaze at the stars, and it is even possible to view the arch and city lights at night.

Windows surround the top floor of Olin Library. The natural light that filters through creates a comfortable and quiet setting for studying. If you are interested in history, the bookshelves on the third floor are lined with the library’s collection.

KWURNneka Onwuzurike [3] | Student Life


The basement of Village House has multiple study rooms and classrooms, which are great places for student groups to meet. The Black Box Theatre, also in the basement, is home to various offbeat productions put on throughout the year. Want to watch TV, play ping-pong, pool, or foosball? There is a lounge downstairs offering them all.

For the musically-inclined, Tietjens Hall provides a number of soundproofed practice rooms, some including pianos. The Sachs Electronic Music Studio can also be found in the building. Protruding windows make the brick building one of the more unique architectural structures on campus. Next-door is the Gaylord Music Library, which provides rentable sheet music and recordings.

Upstairs on the second floor balcony of Louderman Library, embedded between bookshelves, is a clandestine space where quiet studying is easy and made comfortable by the cushioned bench nicely positioned below a window.

Though it may be hard to figure out which is the easiest to climb, the tree outside of Olin Library, on the South East side across from Eads Hall, has low branches that are accessible and regularly hold the weight of Wash. U. students. You may even see modern dancers maneuvering through the trees. It also provides great shade for studying on warm and often humid St. Louis days.

KWURNneka Onwuzurike [3] | Student Life


Golberg Formal LoungeSam Schauer [1] | Student Life

Golberg Formal Lounge

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