Best sushi

16 N. Meramec Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63105

Located in swanky downtown Clayton, Miso’s menu combines eclectic pan-Asian dishes with staples like pad thai and crab rangoon for a traditional, but markedly posh, take on Asian cuisine.

Though the entrees are delicious, it’s the smaller sushi dishes that set Miso apart from competitors like the Drunken Fish and Blue Ocean. With more than 35 rolls to choose from, Miso’s sushi assortments include a must-try tuna roll with tempura crunch and spicy, neon green wasabi aioli. Tasty Miso classics include the spicy Sumo Roll (shrimp tempura stuffed with cream cheese, avocado and wasabi, $13) and the Godzilla roll ($13), which is topped with a sweet soy reduction. Out of the fresh, delicately seasoned sashimi and sushi options, the Papasan eight-piece roll wraps spicy snow crab, cucumber, avocado and rice and is draped with striped bass, a jalapeno wafer and chili aioli. Eight pieces may not sound like much, but “the rolls are larger than expected and you won’t leave hungry,” senior Matt Miller said.

Well-known for its dim lighting, pulsing D.J. hits, and lush lounge décor, Miso has been a top pick for hosting events and formals this year.

Go for dinner or swing by from 5-6:30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday for happy hour. Miso is the perfect spot for a post-homework wind-down—or a pregame to a night out.