Best place to recover after a night out

Boosters CaféLily Schorr | Student Life

Boosters Café is an accommodating, affordable place to recover from whatever happened last night.

Boosters Cafe
567 Melville Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63130

Just south of the Loop, Boosters Cafe is in the ideal location for upperclassmen to roll out of bed straight into a delicious brunch on a Sunday morning (and by morning, we mean noon, of course). The menu is humble yet delicious, and the friendly staff makes Boosters feel like a homey, small town diner—the kind we all expected when moving to the Midwest.

Choose your meal according to how hard you went out the night before—rock stars, go for the Scrambler Breakfast with three scrambled eggs with cheese, onion and sweet peppers, bacon or sausage, sautéed potatoes with salsa, and toast or an English Muffin—all for $7.25. (Did we mention Boosters is practically free?) For sweeter fare, go with the chocolate chip or pumpkin pancakes—our personal favorite.

What really sets Boosters apart is that they have the greatest substitution policy you could ask for—seriously, ask for anything, and they’ll probably say yes. So for all you herbivores, a pumpkin pancake instead of bacon is indeed a valid trade.

Boosters cooks their food with just enough butter and oil to satisfy your morning-after grease quota without making you feel like you need another shower. Top that with an order of self-serve (read: bottomless) coffee and you’ll recover in no time.