Best neighborhood

Cherokee Street

There’s a renaissance happening in south St. Louis, and we think it’s high time for Wash. U. students to get off the Loop and explore it. With art galleries, coffee shops and vintage stores packed closely together, Cherokee Street’s run-down, industrial feel only serves to highlight its artsy, underground appeal.

“I think Cherokee is to St. Louis what St. Louis is to the nation—it’s kind of under the radar, unpolished, misunderstood,” said Jeff Vines, co-creator of STL-Style, a clothing store located on Cherokee Street that embraces the city’s unique identity through St. Louis themed apparel. “But it’s really brimming with this creative spirit. It’s beautiful, it’s gritty.”

And this local pride is exactly what fuels Cherokee Street to keep growing into an artistic and cultural epicenter. It’s the perfect scene for young people who love St. Louis’ eccentricities and want to be part of infusing a creative culture throughout the city.

When you head to Cherokee Street, make sure to check out the historic antique district, grab some authentic Mexican food at Tacqueria and a coffee at The Mud House, and browse through the art galleries, tag sales and record shops.