Whispers etiquette

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Maybe you fear the silence of the A-stacks. Or perhaps you want to eat a delicious chocolate-chip scone without worrying about your noisy chewing or that crackling noise of the paper bag. Maybe you just want to do some people-watching while attempting to read a chapter from your psychology textbook. Whatever the situation, you find yourself in Whispers Cafe. Here are some dos and don’ts, based on input from students who visit the popular study spot often.

Megan Magray

DO find yourself an empty seat and do some homework, reading or Facebook-stalking.

DO NOT join an unsuspecting person without asking, spread out your handouts and notebooks on her table, and answer a FaceTime call with your grandparents.

DO wait until that shocking and exhilarating moment when an entire group leaves its booth and snag it with your group of friends or study group.

DO NOT sit in a booth by yourself for an extended period of time, watching Netflix and eating a bag of potato chips. This is why you have a dorm room.

DO NOT leave your backpack and a magazine on your booth to act as a “reserved” sign while you and your friends attend a three-hour lecture on Mondays. Sorry, Whispers is not a restaurant.

DO enjoy the comfy chairs that face the windows—a great spot for some reading and people-watching.

DO NOT nap in those comfy chairs. Won’t you sleep more peacefully on the second-floor chairs or somewhere in the B-stacks where fewer people can hear your snoring?

DO ask for an extra shot of espresso in your coffee drink. There is nothing wrong with a nice energy boost before your 10 a.m. class.

DO NOT be that person who orders an extra-large half-caffeinated skinny soy-milk vanilla latte with sugar-free syrup and no foam.

DO take advantage of the frozen yogurt and waffle cone options that the cafe now offers. With warm weather now approaching, some frozen yogurt could provide a delicious interruption from studying (or a break from Facebook-stalking).

DO NOT forget about the hot chocolate, the Mayan Mocha and the assortment of hot teas for those cold, rainy days.

DO meet friends and share updates on your lives over foamy lattes or toasted bagels.

DO NOT scream loudly into your phone about your younger sister’s prom dress. No one wants to hear you complain about how you preferred the sparkly cobalt gown to the short orange dress.

DO order the All-Nighter drink to start your day. It has the same desired effect during the daylight hours and might just increase your focus during class.

DO NOT ever order the All-Nighter drink if you are sensitive to caffeine. You don’t want to feel jittery before that presentation at noon. Maybe stick with chai lattes or possibly decaffeinated hot tea.

DO go to Whispers! It’s the perfect place to do homework, update your Twitter profile or run into friends.

  • TeamFaceTime

    Nothing wrong with whispers face time if you’re as loud as you would’ve been had you been talking to a friend

  • Reader

    this is a waste of space