| Stepping Out Columnist

Courtesy of Snarf's
“Turkey Tom” got you down? Boycotting Subway since it stole our beloved Hilltop location? If so, you’re in luck—there’s a new sandwich in town.

Snarf’s, which opened Sept. 25 on the Loop, boasts an extensive sandwich menu featuring gourmet ingredients, a selection of salads and even beer and wine. I got the lowdown from the owner, Jodi Aronson, who shared the details of the restaurant’s history and the essence of a “mom and pop sandwich.”

The chain first opened in Boulder, Colo. in 1996. Aronson said that her brother, Jim Seidel, decided out of college that he “was going to open the best sandwich shop in town. He found a little shack and opened Snarf’s.”

Since then, Snarf’s has expanded to include six locations in Colorado, the new location in University City and an eatery in Chicago, to be run by Aronson’s and Seidel’s brother.

After visiting the restaurant and tasting one of their self-proclaimed “World-Famous” sandwiches, I’d have to say that Aronson and her entrepreneurial siblings have hit the mark with these high-quality sandwiches. Aronson emphasized the high standards for ingredients, mentioning that the bread is made from a special recipe and produced in a bakery on the Hill.

“Even the mustard is not just mustard,” Aronson said. “It’s Snarf’s mustard.”

The difference is definitely noticeable. I tried the roast beef and provolone sandwich, and my only complaint was that I ordered the “novice,” Snarf’s smallest, five-inch option.

Aronson said the most popular sandwich so far seemed to be “The Italian,” which features salami, pepperoni, capicola, mortadella and provolone. Also on the menu are “specialty” sandwiches, which include (among other things) ingredients like artichokes, feta cheese, prime rib, brisket and eggplant parmesan—all of which are definitely fancier than what you’d normally expect from a sandwich shop.

Ranging from $5.25 to $10.50, these sandwiches are arguably pricy, though still reasonable for a hearty meal. And I would say that the menu is worth the money. Aronson maintained that their restaurant is not “fast food.”

“We see ourselves as the home away from home for students—a place for a mom and pop sandwich,” Aronson said. And with a one dollar delivery fee, you can have a home-away-from-home sandwich…in your own home.

If you choose to get off campus and visit the restaurant’s location on Delmar Boulevard, you’ll be met by a brightly lit and trendy space, which Aronson described as “quirky and a little funky—[it’s] a happy, colorful place. And very, very clean!” I can confirm every one of these claims. The place was well-decorated and spotless.

The Loop has proven to be the perfect location for the new sandwich shop, which has seen business exceeding expectations. “We just love our neighborhood, and the foot traffic has been incredible,” Aronson said.

And after recently acquiring its liquor license and adding beer and wine to the menu, Snarf’s should expect even more business. “We’ll be open past midnight on the weekends,” Aronson explained, “So we can cater to that late-night crowd.”

You know what the means: The next time you want to end your night with a brewski and a BLT, head on down to Snarf’s.