Maya Mashkovich talks human-centered design

Maya Mashkovich is the next senior to display her artwork in the DUC. Here are Maya’s thoughts on what inspires her artwork.

| Staff Writer

Art spotlight: ‘Sunken Cities’ stuns at SLAM

“Sunken Cities” at the St. Louis Art Museum features art from the submerged ancient city of Thonis-Heracleion. There you can witness a fusion of Greek and Egyptian Style.

| Senior Scene Editor

Wash. U. students take action against gun violence

Millions of people around the world—including right here in St. Louis—are set to “March for [Their] Lives” Saturday March 24, taking part in a local-turned-global movement to protest gun violence.

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A fantasy world where frat formals aren’t scary

‘Tis the season, baby. The time of year when some fraternities have out-of-town formals in places like Chicago and Nashville, Tenn., and non-fraternity members are generally asked to come with. It’s a weekend of sight-seeing, drinking, dancing and fun times, or so I’ve been told.

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8 things you can do instead of taking a nap in Olin Library

Napping in Olin Library is wasted time. Here are some other, more productive things you can do with your time.

Kya Vaughn | Contributing Writer

Matt’s Morsels: Steak

Steak is iconic; steak is immortal; steak is love. Instead of shelling out more money than you would on a new pair of Jordans, you can pick up a nice, $30 steak and make someone fall in love with you.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Columnist

Our dream course listings: Classes we want to see

All the weird, wacky and wonderful courses we wish were offered at Wash. U.

Marvin Gaye, stir-fry and gospel rap: A love story

Alexxus Harris and Donnell “Slim” Reed have a love story ripped straight from a movie script. Now, the Wash. U. community is showing its love by raising money for the couple’s honeymoon.

| Senior Scene Editor

Hi I’m Katy and welcome to my Olin Crib

I had nightmares about my winter coat being destroyed by nefarious friends, so I guess that reflects my deep-seated trust issues and huge need for a blanket.

| Senior Scene Editor

Wake me up when September ends

If you look at me and say, “I get 10 hours of sleep every night,” rest assured you’ll find me following you around because you’re my next case study.