Student Life’s survival guide to voting in midterm races

Here are some of the races that you might see on your ballot if you’re registered to vote here in Missouri, and a guide to figuring out what district you’re in and where your polling place is.

| Associate Editor

WeBWork gone wild: @BarstoolWashu stays true to school culture

But once I looked through the kinds of posts made by these accounts, I quickly understood Wash. U.’s absence from the Barstool community, as I was fully aware that I would not be attending a school known for its party or sports cultures.
However, a week into my college career, @BarstoolWashU emerged from the shadows.

Jaden Sadenstein | Contributing Writer

Tyler’s Wardrobe Watch: Why you should care about fashion

I want to start off this series by talking about why you should actually care about the way you dress. Although the saying might suggest otherwise, you can actually judge a book by its cover.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Editor

Video: ‘The Failure Friends’ go fishing in Bear’s Den

In the newest episode of “The Failure Friends”, the gang fishes for new companions.

HN Hoffmann | Digital Contributor

How to prep for cold weather: Washington University edition

If you’re a Washington University student seeking guidance on how to seamlessly blend in on campus in preparation for the cold weather, look no further!

Mimi Shang | Digital Contributor

Jasmine Hill makes Bear Cuts the shop of choice for hair care

When I got to Washington University, I never really had a plan for haircuts. I figured I’d get it cut when I went home or I’d just pop into Bear Cuts and ask for the bare minimum. That was until I met Jasmine Hill, a professional haircare specialist at Bear Cuts.

| Senior Scene Editor

The Banksys of the South 40: Chalk artists add positivity to campus

This past Tuesday, Student Life sat down conversation with David Massey, one of the artists behind the sidewalk chalk art that has been periodically appearing on the stairs of the South 40.

Josie Robinson | Staff Writer

Self care is just as important as doing well in school

“Ugh.” That is possibly the most common thought, emotion and state of being at Washington University these days. Take a break from working and try these self care activities to remember that in order to be the best version of yourself, you not only need to feed your mind, but also your soul.

| Staff Writer

This week in WU history: Class fights, marijuana and pizza

A little behind on campus news? Like, 130 years behind? Olin Library just digitized StudLife’s entire archive between 1878 and 2001, so it should be plenty easy to catch up to speed.

Ali Gold | Director of Online Content

Five cryptids you’ve definitely encountered on campus

t’s undeniable that there’s a distinct paranormal outlandishness about in the air when autumn hits, and although you probably haven’t spotted a ghost heading to class yet, you’ve probably crossed paths with the aftereffects of some other Washington University ghouls.

HN Hoffmann | Contributing Writer