‘Reason’s oxymorons’ at Kemper: Art, therapy and healing in the francophone world

“Reason’s Oxymorons,” the title of an art exhibition by Kader Attia, is itself an oxymoronic phrase: It stands to reason that a logical mind would not contain the irreconcilable contradictions necessary to construct such a concept.

| Senior Scene Editor

Scene’s Scandal Spooktacular: Scooby-Doo monsters as recent campus controversies

At Washington University, we’ve been battling some especially scary demons lately, in the form of scandalous revelations and controversial decisions from campus figures and organizations.

6 Halloween costumes you can quickly throw together in a pinch

There are two kinds of people in this world: the ones who meticulously plan out their Halloween costumes starting in the summer and the ones who hastily throw something together at the last minute using whatever they can find laying around their room.

| Editor-in-Chief

Halloween events near you that aren’t trick or treating

Here are the best, scariest, probably haunted events with a promise of candy (or other treats) in St. Louis this week.

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HJGRSDHHFESJGV: My night watching John Mulaney’s stand-up show

A trip to John Mulaney’s St. Louis stand-up show. HJGRSDHHFESJGV!

| Contributing Writer

Tips for staying warm as temperatures dive down

Whether this will be your first winter in a climate where snow actually exists or you’re just looking for more ways to live your life burrito-rolled into a blanket as much of the time as possible, here are my tips to ensure that your October is super cozy.

| Senior Scene Editor

Scene’s suggestions for what the chancellor should do before retiring

The Scene staff shares the top items on our bucket list of what Wrighton ought to do before retiring.

A horror story

I’m back—after writing about my sexual assault in an op-ed last spring—and here to explain Wash. U.’s current Title IX sexual assault investigation process through the lens of my own case, with all of its faults on display.

Katy Hutson | Staff Writer

Your guide to regularly scheduled free food opportunities at Wash. U.

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but at Washington University, there are plenty of regular opportunities to get food at no cost.

| Editor-in-Chief

Testing laptops and phones as stress-reducing aids through SHS’s new program

One scene writer test’s out the Therapy Assisted Online (TAO) app, a new service by Wash. U.’s Student Health Service.

| Staff Writer