Your favorite obscure and ridiculous acronym for something at Wash. U.

Wash. U. attracts some of the brightest minds. That extends to coming up with creative acronym.

Environmental justice, jobs and ice cream: Office of Sustainability event connects Wash. U. students with St. Louis organization

Environmental and social justice go hand-in-hand. The Washington University Office of Sustainability organized an internship fair to highlight the link.

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You look tired too, you conniving snake

“You look tired” really means “You look worse than usual, and I can say this under the guise of concern.”

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Thirsty Thursday: All about Kombucha (part 2)

Kombucha is tasty and probiotic. But ready-made costs too much. Here are some techniques for making your own.

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What trigger warnings are and when they help

Helpful trigger warnings are few and far between. Here’s a list of ways to get out of triggering situations without losing your anonymity.

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Here’s 4 ways you can spend Galentine’s day in St. Louis

St. Louis especially does a great job of offering events catering to lovers and friends alike.

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I love you, IUD

Sup Katy, what the hell is an IUD???
—Cervically Challenged Chad

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Thirsty Thursday: All about Kombucha (Part 1)

Kombucha is a fermented, carbonated, sweetened tea drink that dates back, many believe, to over 2000 years ago in Northern China.

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Frozen wieners kick off Mardi Gras festivities with invigorating race

The Wiener Dog Derby is an annual Mardi Gras event of racing dachshunds, produced alongside a pet parade in Soulard Sunday.

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Molly Magnell’s artwork combines illustration, design

Magnell’s artwork will be on display in the Danforth University Center later this month.

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