Association of Latin American Students explores its roots in WU history

The meeting focused on the meaning of being Latinx, the history of ALAS’ involvement in the lives of Latin American students’ lives at Wash. U. since the group’s start in 1991 and how the group’s role has changed since then.

Quincy Schmechel | Contributing Writer

Parades, food, hayrides, a 5k and art: Do it all in St. Louis this weekend

This weekend is one for the books. With a variety of events happening, you might as well close your eyes, point at this list, and you’ll find a good one! Or just go to each one for half an hour, whatever works.

| Senior Scene Editor

Matt’s Morsels: Meal preparation? Homework, but for food

Good things come to those who prepare. Nowhere is that more apparent than with food.

| Staff Columnist

Surviving college without your dog: The cor-keys to success

To all of you canine-lovers out there, here is a guide to just some of the many dogs out on campus, available for some tail-wagging, face-licking and all-around adorable-ness. Live-in staff and faculty are permitted to have pets in the communities; so, if you see them walking around the Swamp, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself!

Christine Watridge | Contributing Writer

Tri My Best Triathlon brings smiles across campus

The triumphant smiles and proud cheers of this year’s Tri My Best Adaptive Triathlon participants and families shone through the chilly Sunday morning drizzle.

Madhu Kandasamy | Contributing Writer

More work to do: Learning from Title IX changes beyond Wash. U.

This week we got some good news. Bittersweet news to some, hopeful news to others, but altogether good news. To be more specific, we received Washington University’s response to handling sexual assault and misconduct most heavily publicized in late April.

| Senior Scene Editor

Meet St. Louis: Coming together to support local survivors

Facilitated by the Gephardt Institute, Meet St. Louis provides a number of small group activities for first-years to step out of the infamous Washington University bubble and engage with St. Louis.

Josie Robinson | Staff Writer

Lyft-ing our way to a deal: Riding responsibly and saving coin

It turns out our driver, understandably so, accepted both an Uber and a Lyft in order to potentially maximize his profits for the night despite only having a 6-seat car.

Isabelle Gillman | Staff Writer

The real Greek life: Inside the St. Nicholas Greek festival

This past Labor Day weekend, the Central West End’s St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church hosted their annual St. Louis Greek Festival by decorating the corner of Kingshighway Boulevard and Forest Park Avenue blue and white, serving authentic cuisine and providing free entertainment to celebrate Hellenic culture.

Tom Ratts | Contributing Writer

What to do on a sunny Labor Day

Since we all get a three-day weekend, and planned Welcome Week events only last six days, Washington University students have to make some hard decisions in the following days, like what to do on Labor day.