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Dress from Urban OutfittersJames Harrang | Student Life

Dress from Urban Outfitters

Teal and light brown make a perfect color combination for spring. Ruffles and feminine details are an excellent way to soften more masculine footwear. Model Facts:
Karina Stridh, Junior, Varsity swimmer
Words to shop by: “If you can find something under $20, go for it.”
Style mantra: “…as long as it’s not sweatpants.”
Personal style: “Girly, I’d like to be edgy someday.”
Loves to shop at: Forever 21
Shoes by Steve MaddenJames Harrang | Student Life

Shoes by Steve Madden

  • Luis

    I have a bunch of dresses that need etxcaly this adjustment. I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight, but I like these dresses too much to donate them. I’m determined to restyle and reuse as I continue to shrink. Please, please, please give us a detailed schematic of how you fix this problem. My budget and I thank you in advance!