A convoluted map of the connecting paths to get you through the winter

Elizabeth Phelan | Contributing Writer

Well friends, November’s biting chill is upon us, and it feels like winter hit us with the force of an icy freight train. Near-freezing temperatures have suddenly become the norm, and Washington University students have begun bundling up to the eyes. I mapped out the connections between buildings, from sky bridges to secret tunnels, so you can spend as little time out in the bitter Missouri air as possible.

wu building connections-01Brandon Wilburn

– Ridgely connects to January and Duncker Halls through underground tunnels.
– Eads and Ridgely Halls connect through Holmes Lounge.
– Green, Brauer and Whitaker Halls all connect.
– The lower level of Cupples II connects with the second floor of Lopata Hall, and the lower level of Sever Institute can be accessed through the same dim concrete passageway.
– Lopata Hall merges into Urbauer Hall via the gallery with Stanley’s Cafe.
– The third floor of Urbauer Hall connects with the third floor of Jolley Hall via a staircase/skybridge hybrid.
– Jolley Hall connects with Bryan Hall and the McMillan Laboratory building through a large walkway.
– McMillan Labs connects with Louderman Hall.
– Crow and Compton Halls merge near the physics library.
– The Adolphus Busch III Laboratory building connects with Rebstock Hall.
– Rebstock Hall connects with the second and third floors of the Monsanto Laboratory via a (super warm!) skybridge.
– Monsanto Labs’ third floor connects to the third floor of Wilson Hall with another skybridge.
– The third floor of Wilson Hall connects with the fourth floor of McDonnell Hall.
– The third floor of the Psychology and Brain Sciences building connects with Monsanto Laboratory.
– Brown Hall connects to Goldfarb Hall on the second and third floors.
– Goldfarb Hall connects to Hillman Hall on the lower level.
– The Sam Fox tunnels connect all of the buildings in the Southeastern corner of campus: Use them to get from Givens, to Steinberg, to Bixby, to Walker, to Kemper.
– Bauer Hall connects with the Knight Center on the second floor, but several strongly-worded signs warn students against entering.
– The lower level of Mallinckrodt Center connects with the Danforth University Center parking lot, although if you’re trying to avoid the cold, this is probably not the best route for you.

The furthest you can get without going outside is to go from Sever Institute, to the Lopata gallery which merges with Urbauer Hall, taking the third floor skybridge to Jolley Hall, accessing the Bryan Hall skybridge by entering an unmarked door near the staircase, passing through the long McMillan hallway and turning left to reach Louderman Hall. Boom! You’ve spared yourself from about a minute in the frigid St. Louis weather.