Tyler’s Wardrobe Watch: Cleanin’ out my closet

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Editor

If you are a person who has never put thought into your style before, the best place to start is to take inventory of what you already have. Some pieces may be good to keep and style up. On the other hand, some are just a complete lost cause. So, I have compiled a list of five articles of clothing that, if they are in your closet, should be removed and donated, immediately.

Cargo Shorts

The complete bane of fashion. I don’t think there is a single piece of clothing more universally panned than cargo shorts (other than maybe Crocs). They’re almost always poor-fitting, crumpled and completely unflattering to any body-type. From a technical perspective, the pockets create a weird optical frame around your legs, cutting you off and making you look shorter. Also, just a general rule for shorts of any kind, if it’s not spring or summer, just don’t wear them, period (except for at the gym).

Old, Torn-up Sneakers

Beat-up sneakers, such as a worn-looking pair of white Converse, can look trendy if you are going for a more grungy, alternative vibe. However, if your shoes have holes in them or the soles are completely worn down, it’s time to get rid of them. At that point, you’ve crossed the line from grunge to just looking sloppy and dirty. Make sure what you have on your feet is in at least somewhat respectable condition. This rule applies for all clothing, but usually is more of a problem for sneakers, since many people only have one or two pairs that they wear them day in and day out. Of course, this only applies if you have the means to afford the new shoes.

Free T-Shirts

Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with wearing free clothes if they are stylish. However, here I am referring to those shirts that everyone has gotten from some random event or activities fair. Your residential college shirt or that one Wash. U. shirt everyone gets with their acceptance is a good example of these. Normally, these shirts are made of poor-quality fabric, fit terrible and just look simple and plain. I wouldn’t necessarily say to throw these out, but certainly don’t wear them with a planned outfit. They’re fine for gym clothes and sleep shirts, but that’s about it. As with sneakers, this only applies if you can afford to purchase shirts of your choosing.

These Sandals

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 12.09.08 AM
I don’t know what these sandals are called, but every time I see someone wearing them or something similar, it makes me want to vomit. To me, these are so ugly and are one of the worst fashion choices a person can make, especially when worn with jeans. As a rule, any type of open footwear like sandals or flip-flops should never be worn with long pants. These are fine for going to the pool or beach, but as a fashion choice are inexcusable. Just wear some damn regular shoes. No one wants to see your feet while walking around campus. And don’t you dare think of wearing them with socks, for the love of god. That might as well be a federal offense.

Straight-Cut or Poor-Fitting Pants

If you only listen to one piece of advice from this article, let it be this one. Wearing oversized or poor-fitting pants is the number one fashion mistake I see people making. Pants that are super baggy, too long to where they hang over your shoes and scrape on the floor or that are just a bad style of pant fit are all a complete fashion faux pas. I know oversized fits are in right now, such as the “dad fit” jean; however, in my opinion, that trend is stupid and impractical. Fit is king when it comes to clothes, especially pants. Stick to a tighter fit such as slim or skinny, and make sure to hem or cuff them so that they are the proper length for your legs.