R.I.P. Holmes Lounge, you will be missed

Isabella Neubauer | Staff Writer

The end is nigh. In summer 2019, the long-respected Holmes Lounge will serve food for the last time. By fall, it will be replaced by Schnucks Pavilion, a newly constructed dining hall on the East End. Student Union Senate has set up chalkboards, one in the Danforth University Center and one in the Underpass, where students can write what type of food they would like to see in the new dining hall. In honor of the final days of this campus fixture, here are some of the best (and funniest) suggestions for what the new dining hall should serve.


By far the most popular, Chick-fil-A has been scrawled across large sections of both suggestion chalkboards. Each time the Underpass chalkboard is washed clean by rain, someone writes Chick-fil-A larger than ever before. The record so far is seven-inch-high letters.

Just Move Holmes Lounge Over

Sadly for this student, change is upon us. There is no saving Holmes Lounge.

Various References to Genitalia

So far, five boldly printed, crude words have been offered as suggestions for a new food option on campus. Surprisingly, none of them have been the same word.


Given that around one quarter of Wash. U.’s population is Jewish, it’s no surprise that students call for more kosher options. As of now, L’Chaim in Bear’s Den and prepackaged sandwiches are the only available kosher food at the University.


While many food stations across campus offer vegan options, as of now, there is no explicitly vegan food station. With the amount of vegan students at Washington University, a purely vegan station would definitely be appreciated.


Though evidence of sushi in Paws & Go exists from as recently as fall 2017, sadly, this option is no longer available. If the new dining hall offered sushi, this might get even students who do not have many classes on the East End to visit.

Bread Co.

A common topic of conversation between St. Louis natives and students from farther afield, the St. Louis Bread Co., also known as Panera Bread, would be sure to stir up some friendly controversy.

GOOD Mac ‘N Cheese

Every time Cherry Tree Cafe serves their mac ‘n cheese side with the comfort meal, a line of students fills the small waiting area. If students don’t want to wait about three weeks for mac ‘n cheese, their only option is a frozen meal from Paws. Introducing mac ‘n cheese at the new dining hall would be a great way to ensure that a student doesn’t have to go back to their dorm or find a microwave to make this meal.