Katy’s Korner: Layer a turtleneck under those overalls before you’re over it all

| Senior Scene Editor

Dear Katy,

It’s finally getting cold out, but it’s not quite cold enough for me to wear my puffer and pants and call it fashion. I’m struggling to prioritize my not-quite-winter outfits before it’s officially arctic, but it’s hard to keep the pits dry when it hits 80 degrees at noon and I have to walk from Seigle Hall to Brookings Quadrangle. Help?

Sweaty in Sweatember


It is finally fall. Fall is nigh. It’s time to unpack the boxes labeled “sweaters”, stuff those bikinis and swim trunks into the bottom drawer and wrestle that winter coat off the top shelf. I feel you, though: You can’t just walk outside in a pair of denim jeans, a fuzzy cardigan and snow boots quite yet. That’s just a recipe for heatstroke, as tempting as it may be. So, how do we conquer the beast of wanting to be cozy but wanting to stay sweat-free? Slowly pull out the basics, my friend.

Jumpsuit it up

What a crowd pleaser. Closely related to the romper, but a key difference to keep in mind…pant legs! These can be spotted in the summer or the winter depending on how you accessorize. More of a floral summer print? Throw on a little turtleneck underneath, or give it the comfiness of a fuzzy cardigan. Looking to be all summer vibes at lunch then grab a cup of cocoa and a blanket in the afternoon? Go with a jumpsuit in a lighter material then layer your warm sleeves over rather than under. If you think your torso’s too long, or your legs are too short for one of these beasts, you are sorely mistaken. Find one with adjustable straps to lengthen the body to your fit, or choose a flowy one with a low crotch. Not every jumpsuit has to be a catsuit or a power suit (but those would sure look great too).


A universe contained in just two buckles. Choose your denim color, whether that be black, dark-wash, light-wash, mustard yellow or a multitude of other options. Then you get to layer! The beauty of these pant/shirt hybrids is their versatility. You can create a whole new look just with what you layer under them. Hot day? Go bare if you’re so inclined, or choose an intricate bralette. Warm but not warm enough? Maybe a thick high collared t-shirt or a thin baseball tee. Cold but still not polar weather? Dive into that heavy cropped turtleneck sweater. Iron on some patches or pin some buttons on the pockets to make it your own. If you want a lighter option, look out for a cloth pair—just as cute but a little more breathable.


I know what you’re thinking—pit-stain heaven. But hear me out. On cold, rainy days, a turtleneck can be your friend. Turtlenecks don’t have to come in the form of thick wool sweaters. They can be made out of light synthetic materials, have no sleeves at all, short sleeves, be cropped or be a color that doesn’t easily show sweat. I’m not suggesting that you pull out your heaviest turtleneck sweater Oct. 1, but I’m saying don’t count these guys out. They were made for layering, covering up hickeys, being the perfect canvas to show off a new necklace and, of course, keeping cold necks warm.

You’ve been cut-off hoodie

Tummy breezes are a real thing. Why do you think so many athletes wave their shirts around when they’re sweaty? So let that torso breathe. A cropped hoodie saves you the time while keeping your arms and head toasty warm if you wish. Pair one with some high waisted pants or leggings and you’ve got a decently warm but breathable outfit. It’s a simple salute to the ’80s, while making you immediately look sporty. Those pits will get some ventilation and you’ll pull the sleeves over your knuckles like you’ve wanted to do for months. It’s a win-win.

Joggin’ Joggers

You are immediately assumed to be in a dance group. A drop-crotch and just some elastic on the ankles will keep the warmth to a minimum, while the pant legs will protect you from any autumn winds. Pair with a t-shirt or a crop top depending on the weather, or throw it back to that cropped hoodie. It’s some warm legwear that’s more reasonable than a pair of jeans, but warmer than shorts or sheer pants. You’ll easily be the trendiest person in the room, while keeping the butt sweat to a minimum.

While you keep the seasonal clothing transition in mind, consider checking out these organizations on campus. SWAP (Sharing With a Purpose), located on the South 40, is the perfect place to pick up those winter staples you’ve been missing while also dropping off some summer clothes you can’t see yourself wearing again. SWAP is a student-run non-profit that serves to promote sustainability and reuse on campus. You can find amazing steals there, and it’s worth checking out before hitting the streets or clicking the “add to cart” button.

If you have a piece you love, but you need a repair, consider going to an open studio with WUpcycle, a Washington University Upcycling Initiative. Affiliated with SWAP, WUpcycle holds open studios every Friday from 12-4 p.m. in Bixby 11 and help with repairs and patches for clothing that you might normally throw away. You have the opportunity to keep your upcycled clothes or sell them in a pop-up sale!

Whatever you do, keep being bold, confident and expressive sweaty. Happy fall!


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